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Chat is too small! Mag1cPlochp by Aplayaz2000 1 115
Honest feedback on the UI Anesthetics by Anesthetics 0 172
@ Riot - About the new item shop window... Sinscar by Sinscar 0 104
My thoughts on the new HUD. AD Bottom by AD Bottom 0 128
The new HUD is simply awful... Shane Brenem by Shane Brenem 0 108
Could we get options to resize the new UI? L Waterhouse by Shane Brenem 1 202
Item Gallery Pog Master 2000 by Pog Master 2000 0 134
New HUD Smokeburned by Smokeburned 0 95
Is there any way to make the chat size bigger in game? Hefill by Hefill 0 134
That why elo should be evaluate on w/l and K/D/A Devious Tank by Endgame3810 2 103
[Suggestion] Self-cast Item option ForeverLoki by ForeverLoki 0 116
The new hud is annoying Alexio17 by Dadaelus 1 90
Riot can you please let us center the camera while the item shop is open. NegusPrican by NegusPrican 0 108
Stretching issue? Storytime Mouse by Storytime Mouse 0 138
make the chat bigger sheedey by sheedey 0 80
Shop Idea. Raptorunbound by Raptorunbound 0 292
The mistery of LoL sKŠeath by sKŠeath 2 1,024
Shop HUD Conjure by DragoonDoug 6 155
Store Suggestion Gnome Reaper by 0Mint0 2 889
Help. please? joebenz by joebenz 0 413
Framerate Issues JusSumDamnGinger by 0Mint0 1 82
This is not DOTA, and should not look as DOTA ! Black Phoenix by 0Mint0 1 113
Interface Shop kilok2 by 0Mint0 7 141
HUD fps drop 0Mint0 by 0Mint0 0 126
Suggestion - Reporting During Champion Selection makemeking101 by JusSumDamnGinger 2 304
New Client UI? RawDoggingRandom by RawDoggingRandom 0 75
[Game][Major] HUD is transparent, items difficult to see, textures bugged. Glallian by Glallian 0 136
Small change for the shop Dr1m by Dr1m 0 92
New shop GargaZm by kilok2 4 Riot Post 1,971
The New Patch, "Preseason 3" Tctoocold by WhiteLionTaz 1 177
New UI Mugen Kamui by Black Phoenix 1 121
@Riot in game resolution Wekeke by Wekeke 0 93
"I" and "l" and "1" DragonEpico by DragonEpico 0 86
[Suggestion] Tilde key toggle. TyranoMike by gimeyop 6 2,958
[Shop UI Suggestions - For Beginner Players] More / Consistent Cost Data Available Spyder ZT by Spyder ZT 0 152
Options Menu: Please add mousewheel scrolling. Bodain by Bodain 0 196
@Riot: A punishment for DC and compensation for his teammates FolterungMeister by FolterungMeister 0 228
(Suggestion) Add a report button to champion select Beélzebub by Slash7 2 772
(SUGGESTION) include the pregame chat in tribunal reports hope that helps XD BigNoob by Redwaters 1 222
@Riot Small request   ( 1 2) catsinblenders by zomg101 12 Riot Post 2,671
Damage Dealt in score screen isn't useful Orbital Nuke by Orbital Nuke 0 223
[Suggestion] Ward Kill Counter CkretAznMan by Zer0blizzard 1 238
[SUGGESTION] able to gift gold in game captinwizmad by Zer0blizzard 8 1,687
[suggestion] Item queue. Palatard by Palatard 0 258
[Suggestion] -Spectator Mode- Add Oracle Elixer Buff Icon to HUD SirAdolfCritler by SirAdolfCritler 0 469
Moveable Rune/Mastery Pages Ocelot113 by Ocelot113 0 364
Please add a disable for Minimap Movement. Leagallow by Spyder ZT 2 1,257
<IDEA> Give us preference items Lexstrus by Jeanschyso 1 622
[SUGGESTION] Spectating Tournament Player Status, in friends list InsideTheVoid by InsideTheVoid 0 462
In-game clock Omnipherious by deathndisco 3 2,038