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Macros Kuuuro by Kuuuro 0 941
Character selection Suggestion SlaySlay by SlaySlay 0 1,122
[Suggestion] Add %Attack Speed to the Attack Speed Tool-tip rPAHT by rPAHT 0 1,043
Target enemies behind players Alirean by ┼zure 2 1,387
Banned Forever Sexual231 by KevinDelMarr 3 2,751
Ignore Button sbLroflwaffle by BigScary 4 2,564
Old HUD? ThePinkBrigadier by ThePinkBrigadier 2 1,022
Minimal HUD Mode Suggestion BigScary by BigScary 0 1,105
Suggestion to further curtail verbal abuse and other chat trolling. BigScary by BigScary 0 903
Floating EXP text oGiant by Rockwell84 1 1,479
Champ select idea PlezDieForMe by PlezDieForMe 0 855
Gifting Store-Items? -Suggestion- Chaoslore by captinwizmad 3 1,379
MIA - Hud Suggestion Sethh by Fargo79 4 1,376
Honor Banners Notorious 2u by Fargo79 5 2,186
Store Sugerence: Filter for Runes already maxed out Mictlantl by Mictlantl 0 733
Creep count in enemy info window Rockwell84 by Rockwell84 0 751
Item Shop: Change to The Nikastore superczhunk by Moriyokiri 1 824
Auto Alphabetize Masteries by name button Daemous by Daemous 4 718
Fix the Field of View Lumenarcus by Lumenarcus 1 1,412
Show minion health bars but not champion Frankie Leonie by Frankie Leonie 0 906
log out button bloobis by sonsitdown 2 785
Adding Item Values to Your Champion's Current Stats and Your Enemies' Stats Desmondius by Desmondius 0 611
[SUGGESTION] Golden Indicators ImFromNASA by ImFromNASA 0 584
Request: Instant Sellback dd3v by Phaton 3 799
[Suggestion] End of game stats - damage done/damage taken 78bird by Little Rambo 5 2,241
Add Damage Done to enemy champs in post game analysis kiwijunglist by Little Rambo 2 1,779
show the damage done to enemy champions and turrets Reconsul by Little Rambo 1 851
Damage Done to Champions Statistic CmdrBatty by Little Rambo 1 965
Display Damage Done to Only Champions in Stats Dreclador by Rezo 3 657
i think that you should be able to gift gold to your team captinwizmad by captinwizmad 5 600
Idea for a jungle timer map overlay Scodo by Crank Shape 6 2,401
@Riot Pls Put the TIme Back to the left side PenorsaurisGG by PenorsaurisGG 1 463
Pre-game Shop Change HeiTon by HeiTon 0 507
A concept idea for an Anti-Feeder System (PLEASE VOTE) GonzaRm by Mortalvis 3 543
Item shop Mewvg by Mewvg 0 386
New HUD/Item Shop: Design Process? Chizou by JYarbz 2 Riot Post 1,441
[Suggestion] Refuse to communicate in queue adoniswong by adoniswong 0 364
Ward Counter Galapogos by Galapogos 5 968
Little suggestion about items in shop ZelsonV by Reimie 4 Riot Post 1,379
Small notification for CDs. Paint4blood by Paint4blood 0 317
[Suggestion] "Day and Night clock" from DotA   ( 1 2) llkeeperll by MyS IntensivZ 12 10,316
A few little suggestions ChunkedAndDunked by ChunkedAndDunked 1 690
Idea: Persistent (toggleable) ability range indicators Rayketh by GrizlakMonger 5 2,032
suggestion/ request for Map orientation control Pwnzoar by Pwnzoar 0 364
[Suggestion] Self-cast to cast spells with no target (ie: Elise's E, Syndra's W) Zvardin by Zvardin 0 350
Idea In game clock dd3v by dd3v 0 617
Interface Suggestion - display skill range FolterungMeister by DimensionWarped 1 805
Anti-smurf Ranked Que System USN Wright by Cymril 4 845
Item Description in shop winning1 by winning1 0 438
New Queue. WeTheCensored by AColdEnd 4 960