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My shop is transparent...Help! HeroWithoutName HeroWithoutName 0 423
Borderless/windowed game loads from the center 3mptylord 3mptylord 0 612
About the new shop HUD...  ( 1 2 3 ) im neko Vrouge 23
Riot Post
computer problems with new hud. make new hud optional RANDOM MIDGIT Alexulter 1 417
New SHOP is giant Drugnut Frekwency 8
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A small addition to help newer players Captain Jack32 Captain Jack32 0 293
Shen's Ki Strike Bonus Dmg missing HannouHeiki Sephrinx 1 394
New achievement possibility calis159 calis159 0 254
A small word about the new UI wHiSkErTeMx73744 Blue Avenge 1 602
Why on earth is it no longer possible to stop while shopping ? vynzs Stayer 2 291
Recall animation Blue Avenge Blue Avenge 0 457
New Item Shop UI... sucks Darmival Rabies229 3 518
In-Game Chat Font ImYourBestFriend ImYourBestFriend 0 500
New HUD: FIrst Impressions and Stickgarens owlmazing owlmazing 0 282
Badge Border Idea Murgurth LadyAzalea 1 334
2 Ways to Make the HUD Better traveurysm LadyAzalea 4
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HUDS bad patch Leoniks Leoniks 1 274
Tabs to group champions in selection. Chaosdisown Chaosdisown 0 232
Runes and Masteries In-Game? Tykune Tykune 0 227
[User Interface] - Few Missed Details / Feedback.  ( 1 2 ) ExjK LadyAzalea 11
Riot Post
Suggestion for Mastery/Rune Page Interface ARM24 ARM24 0 279
Riort, you didn't need to do this Flingerdinger Flingerdinger 3 353
Borderless "light" version of the shop, please? Saikaici Saikaici 0 298
immovable menu? ptolimios ptolimios 0 254
Map suggestion: Directional Pings IamShaman IamShaman 0 263
Where is the Riot forum presence here?! Sikkintair Meserion 2 312
Add Support Tab in the Shop UI Myrmonden Myrmonden 2 397
New shop - Buying item indicator not visible enough. Maelius Maelius 0 269
[New HUD Feedback] - XP bar is too small Broom of Doom Broom of Doom 0 371
The new HUD AGNENDRA FN Mico 4 388
I'm not a fan of the item shop interface.  ( 1 2 3 ) TwistWrist The Jocker Knows 25
Riot Post
no option to bind self cast to an item gardenGnostic Skevoid 1 319
New HUD: Balance Issues and Stickgarens owlmazing owlmazing 0 256
Add Summoner Spell cooldowns of teammates in game. razzlemaester razzlemaester 0 299
How do I move parts of the default UI around? indpndnt indpndnt 0 317
The new HUD IS STUPID Gloom matmax322 6 478
New UI Should Be An Option Strexx Strexx 0 246
Black UI option c0untess c0untess 0 335
Dev response? Anesthetics Anesthetics 0 225
Easy small improvement to shop HUD. Skevoid Skevoid 0 488
Privvy the shop changes? TestyCarrot TestyCarrot 0 275
Please, Change Hud Back to the old one.....This is just as bad as Windows 8... Fembot Ch├Čllin 1 299
Fix the new shop EternalSummoner MrClutchPk3r 2 503
Please change the graphics back to what they were! Psionic Pig MinnyHo 2 328
Recommended Items and Your own customisable Items.  ( 1 2 ) DrunkPenguin2 UNSCmagick 11 3238
No positive feedback? but I like.. i23sonny Identities 1 261
Came here to complain about the new shop Ornadin Identities 1 237
game client, store etc suggestions to make them better haidasaint haidasaint 0 225
Suggestion - item tab/champion builder Meserion Meserion 1 533
Please add an option to increase the HUD font size. SkyMuffin Meserion 2 432