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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
[Suggestion] Ability to search item effects in shop. RyuuMasken RyuuMasken 0 540
Why doesn't Riot offer a "predictive" camera-lock option? WaxPaper WaxPaper 0 629
[Suggestion] Queue Roles Shadowmender Squid Squad 1 726
Right Click to Buy Item Derbstep Serabith 1 1579
Suggestion: Deep Color for High Resist SeiKanHiKou Smedium 1 1327
HP Bar Notches - visual revamp needed CondaMagoo Smedium 2 1009
Request for the Invite Hud to Allow one to Invite From Friend Folders ARM24 ARM24 0 561
Refund items in game please. elmit001 Tacoswamper 1 645
[POLL] How many people want a G15/G19 app  ( 1 2 3 ) TC Barky iFexul 23 39347
[Suggestion] New Maps Please xXRyanK8Xx Arechon Gend 1 649
Huts block view bot lane Qsario Qsario 0 694
[Suggestion] When you die and shop, death recap Fiddle Surprise! Got No Mana Got No Mana 1 620
[Suggestion] Vote Kick AFK-In Game Players ArchpriseVega ArchpriseVega 0 697
New Map and game system Ectshakeau Ectshakeau 0 632
[Suggestion] Don't make chat boxes pop up on their own M13online Got No Mana 3 13203
Camera not centering properly since last patch. babafette babafette 0 558
An easy fix for miscommunication in game Hobojangles Hobojangles 0 650
Spectator Mode: Include team-specific victory screens. swan2swan KingKazuma2 1 628
HUD help, suggestion DisscoStu DisscoStu 2 674
@boourns Colorblindness scwarler Qsario 1 1015
[In Game Settings] Scrolling Azea Azea 0 663
Font color change suggestion CounterSnipe CounterSnipe 0 820
Voice Chat [Suggestion] ENEMYAIR GumGumBlast 1 691
Heimerdinger Tweak Gasekura MesaanaWoT 3 1272
Ziggs Ultimate UI Improvement Doggiie Doggiie 0 830
Amumu Skin Ectshakeau MesaanaWoT 1 688
Role selection BEFORE queue Galsak El Faty 4 1006
Dodging Sir Agravaine MesaanaWoT 3 586
Hi Riot I want to see my delay before game started Padiyaz MoonLiteNite 1 943
[Suggestion] Active digital timer on buffs blue/red/baron ├čolt ├čolt 0 540
Can we change the colour of our OWN hp bar?  ( 1 2 ) Pr0jectseph DamenQuixotic 13 4072
Accidental Mini-Map Movement During Critical Combat Gumyum DamenQuixotic 4 1353
Notification for Red/Blue Buff HF Ascension HF Ascension 0 623
camera lock suggestion betatrash Syrusa 4 2156
Argument against off-center camera lock? DamenQuixotic DamenQuixotic 0 888
Locked Camera Solution - Normal View vs Fast Terrain  ( 1 2 3 ... 8 ) Aniello SuperMerc 70 42201
Chat box for game loading screen Chaos Mavrek Radi0actvChickn 4 2521
I remember a red was asking what search shortcuts we would like the shop to recognize SonicTheHedgedawg Ilandria 1 601
Champion Icons Furrious Ilandria 1 700
UI is anoying MexGenius Ilandria 1 558
Number of Training Fight Required for a New Champion Rooij Ilandria 5 1173
Maximum Minimap Size Ilandria Ilandria 0 553
* Feature Request * Shop display TomPeeper TomPeeper 0 377
@ Riot about Match History Shades McKenzie WTBELO 2 712
Chat while loading / messaging while offline remghoost AeroStrike 1 932
My health bars aren't displaying right? nantris x semagDNIM x 3 1211
I want to see my ping location on the map itself. THE FECKFACE THE FECKFACE 0 449
Why Riot may disable "surrender" from ranked games. Dombuldor Brycerras 3 1184
Roll Preference MoonLiteNite MoonLiteNite 0 447
Mouse goes offscreen in Borderless Windowed Kwazzi MoonLiteNite 1 934