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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Different Map Icons OneAlmond OneAlmond 0 498
[suggestion] camera angle tripp651 tripp651 0 511
Question About HUD shadowwolf59 shadowwolf59 1 618
League ranking on friends list. Hellblaue Hellblaue 1 729
Player form in leagues ChiFutbol ChiFutbol 0 457
Awesome idea!! Please give feedback madiiiman llAdamll 1 577
just a ranked idea captinwizmad Ghostshadowblade 3 1228
QoL Change on Re-Castable Spells m4ngama5ter m4ngama5ter 0 468
Tip of the Day Qsario Qsario 0 464
Badges Feedback Maedr Csycr Maedr Csycr 0 432
Build pages for the in-game store. Charming Ahri Charming Ahri 0 439
New MIA feature Lady Talia Lady Talia 2 652
Champion Damage Timelimit StevenForSure quizno1965 1 586
Honor ribbons Karmick Kestral Steele 8 1650
Pick Role before Champ Select? Burasta Errantgod 7 1570
Bought new lux skin but cant wear it llongcutt llongcutt 0 513
Wider spectator camera ongelvin ongelvin 0 528
I can't play with the 'new' hud. Crewman06 Crewman06 0 588
Summoner's Code Nanrui ofart 1 812
New Que Dodging System Suggestion Asurien RelishInGlory 6 1457
UI mod krizmac krizmac 0 541
[Suggestion] Logout Option The Bradd EUniqe 7 808
LoL - Membership InstaLife InstaLife 0 574
Muting system tweak Blanco Caballero Bwuk Im Ross 1 623
Loading screen chat? Chooncha Bwuk Im Ross 1 486
Joystick Camera Control in Spectator Mode Locksign Locksign 0 655
Voice Chat espinozaalex espinozaalex 0 489
Custom Game Mode for Practice Darklightning espinozaalex 3 1854
Masteries need to be tweaked espinozaalex espinozaalex 1 465
Layout lenient kami lenient kami 0 469
Different color for playerframe (In color blind). Luex7 Blanco Caballero 1 498
Loading screen team chat Diehero Diehero 0 498
In-Game Reporting Nickthestud Nickthestud 0 456
In Game Chat KE Booyah KE Booyah 0 471
Champion OUTLINE [Suggestion] ENEMYAIR Monkeyclops 3 1327
/cry to go with /d /L /t /l UCOmega UCOmega 0 519
Opacity option? Ghilliesaur Habimaru 1 930
Label friends Fargo79 Archalyus 1 1226
elo? how does this work for solo que Oponnn Archalyus 9 3392
Minion detail needs to be nerfed on low graphic setting Post Pack Archalyus 1 1113
Kicking in Champion Selection MaP0wT0fu MaP0wT0fu 0 538
@Riot - In Game Font Size PStyle blahbalahblah 2 1696
I want to see my ping location on the map itself. THE FECKFACE THE FECKFACE 9 1596
Size modifiable shop menu Cry1 gantonski 2 963
HUD -- Make it EASIER to IGNORE RUDE players! Solution in here! WalmartLowPrice gantonski 1 772
Why can't we change the video settings at the homepage? lDmanl lDmanl 0 1024
Eyefinity and its problems Tál Remikai 2 1118
HP Bars idea Young Prpl Young Prpl 0 556
New Camera Options Please Riot [Suggestion that should be taken in consideration] xXRyanK8Xx XAlFias 3 789
Purple team spellshields Iustis Iustis 0 628