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Masteries need to be tweaked espinozaalex by espinozaalex 1 445
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Different color for playerframe (In color blind). Luex7 by Blanco Caballero 1 481
Loading screen team chat Diehero by Diehero 0 484
In-Game Reporting Nickthestud by Nickthestud 0 440
In Game Chat KE Booyah by KE Booyah 0 453
Champion OUTLINE [Suggestion] ENEMYAIR by Monkeyclops 3 1,271
/cry to go with /d /L /t /l UCOmega by UCOmega 0 500
Opacity option? Ghilliesaur by Habimaru 1 913
Label friends Fargo79 by Archalyus 1 1,203
elo? how does this work for solo que Oponnn by Archalyus 9 3,343
Minion detail needs to be nerfed on low graphic setting Post Pack by Archalyus 1 1,067
Kicking in Champion Selection MaP0wT0fu by MaP0wT0fu 0 520
@Riot - In Game Font Size PStyle by blahbalahblah 2 1,510
I want to see my ping location on the map itself. THE FECKFACE by THE FECKFACE 9 1,526
Size modifiable shop menu Cry1 by gantonski 2 930
HUD -- Make it EASIER to IGNORE RUDE players! Solution in here! WalmartLowPrice by gantonski 1 742
Why can't we change the video settings at the homepage? lDmanl by lDmanl 0 969
Eyefinity and its problems Tál by Remikai 2 1,084
HP Bars idea Young Prpl by Young Prpl 0 533
New Camera Options Please Riot [Suggestion that should be taken in consideration] xXRyanK8Xx by XAlFias 3 759
Purple team spellshields Iustis by Iustis 0 602
[Suggestion] Ability to search item effects in shop. RyuuMasken by RyuuMasken 0 515
Why doesn't Riot offer a "predictive" camera-lock option? WaxPaper by WaxPaper 0 601
[Suggestion] Queue Roles Shadowmender by Squid Squad 1 698
Right Click to Buy Item Derbstep by Serabith 1 1,492
Suggestion: Deep Color for High Resist SeiKanHiKou by Smedium 1 1,290
HP Bar Notches - visual revamp needed CondaMagoo by Smedium 2 986
Request for the Invite Hud to Allow one to Invite From Friend Folders ARM24 by ARM24 0 541
Refund items in game please. elmit001 by Tacoswamper 1 622
[POLL] How many people want a G15/G19 app   ( 1 2 3) TC Barky by iFexul 23 39,088
[Suggestion] New Maps Please xXRyanK8Xx by Arechon Gend 1 631
Huts block view bot lane Qsario by Qsario 0 638
[Suggestion] When you die and shop, death recap Fiddle Surprise! Got No Mana by Got No Mana 1 598
[Suggestion] Vote Kick AFK-In Game Players ArchpriseVega by ArchpriseVega 0 660
New Map and game system Ectshakeau by Ectshakeau 0 608
[Suggestion] Don't make chat boxes pop up on their own M13online by Got No Mana 3 13,182
Camera not centering properly since last patch. babafette by babafette 0 539
An easy fix for miscommunication in game Hobojangles by Hobojangles 0 630
Spectator Mode: Include team-specific victory screens. swan2swan by KingKazuma2 1 599
HUD help, suggestion DisscoStu by DisscoStu 2 658
@boourns Colorblindness scwarler by Qsario 1 1,000
[In Game Settings] Scrolling Azea by Azea 0 638
Font color change suggestion CounterSnipe by CounterSnipe 0 796
Voice Chat [Suggestion] ENEMYAIR by GumGumBlast 1 669
Heimerdinger Tweak Gasekura by MesaanaWoT 3 1,256
Ziggs Ultimate UI Improvement Doggiie by Doggiie 0 742
Amumu Skin Ectshakeau by MesaanaWoT 1 670
Role selection BEFORE queue Galsak by El Faty 4 984
Dodging Sir Agravaine by MesaanaWoT 3 569