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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Minimap Location 420jon420 420jon420 0 305
"Party Frame" - Possible to move? Saigonet Saigonet 0 377
Latency Problems Since Latest Patch Devious Rogue Devious Rogue 0 266
New Pings vicrawrr vicrawrr 0 250
Shoutout to Xelnath and his team Entrox Licher Entrox Licher 0 287
In game friend hub x3ph x3ph 0 306
Can we get a "Legacy Ping" option? JFerrier64 BirYarrakYala 3 324
Alternate Control Devices Fonrus Fonrus 0 354
Spectator: Removal of game clock Jarzelia Jarzelia 2 294
Editing border for S2 visible on the main page Pulse Dräven Pulse Dräven 0 277
AFKers in Ranked chocochipcookiie awkwardbowman 1 495
CC Visual as displayed in Quinn's Spotlight Tál Mapache McFly 2 600
test CloaknDagger222 CloaknDagger222 0 281
Smart Ping Suggestion: Countdown Timer sPortaloo awkwardbowman 2 419
Toolbar/display thing Daxith Daxith 0 320
In shop, Liandry's Torment builds backwards. Anrita Anrita 0 355
@Riot [suggestion] [Spectator] Order of champions S3b1gut S3b1gut 0 322
cleaning mastery tree option Slash7 XIS 1 321
One thing I wish Riot would add to LoL WaffleFaces peachknight89 3 527
scaleable hp bars Slash7 Slash7 0 334
Buff indicator for Spectator mode Gr0und3d Gr0und3d 1 645
Danger Ping Redundant. Push instead? horror5how Dataslave 1 394
Minimap Champion Frames Toxcat Toxcat 0 418
New Pings Pyrranha MSD420 1 365
[BUG] Rebinding CTRLMB1 ZIP Zebra ZIP Zebra 0 316
Missing Color Blind on Ability Xenocidius Sereg Anfaug 3 730
About binding MB1 and using Smartcast and Smartcast with Range Indicators together brothersadcase Severian NA 6 3128
More tips on game-loading screen Mapache McFly Mynx The Origin 1 663
Adjusting the FRIENDS LIST Scythick Scythick 0 265
@Riot -Smart Ping Feature  ( 1 2 3 ) Phonike Phonike the 2nd 28
Riot Post
Cursor Modification McSlaughter McSlaughter 4 2188
In game solo vs ai pausing Airmanmao Airmanmao 0 452
Chat Box (Spectator Mode) LegendaryWolfeh sxenine 1 623
flight? and other ideas CFalconKnee CFalconKnee 0 278
Shop HUD/Tooltip Deventhor awkwardbowman 1 353
[Sugjestion] Show allied movement path on Minimap The Lord Impaler awkwardbowman 3 687
Visible stacks for certain items CamiloD DraegonSpawn 2 672
Remove surrendering  ( 1 2 ) Theou Aegis Mynx The Origin 11 2540
Custom made build lists NiteBlight Mynx The Origin 4 607
[Sugjestion] Gold by source statics The Lord Impaler Mynx The Origin 1 386
Hey Riot, want to make MORE money? Green Fire! Arcen awkwardbowman 1 505
4v5 games Gekihen Arcen 2 732
New Quality of Life HUD Veked Veked 0 384
Radial Ping Suggestion Nanatsu Nanatsu 0 438
Summoner Icon Kirixen awkwardbowman 6 2114
Pre-Game Position Picks. Deafnoise Deafnoise 0 613
"See more stats" ranked display SoYouWannaDie Chìllin 3 1204
view league in loading screen rankŽ rankŽ 2 870
A look at the store. Timestampy Ivannahmpalot 3 1734
[Sugjestion] "Double Blind" Pick champ before queueing The Lord Impaler The Lord Impaler 5 725