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Custom UI Help??? Teums by Teums 0 1,046
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Ranked Team Builder iBEEFCAKE by jlpan 1 1,389
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**** your ****ty servers First Officer by First Officer 0 1,116
Playing pull champions purple team bottom lane! Cripple Lunchbox by DeWard 6 3,386
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Increase the field of view!!! Wtf KRIXXLER by Homura x Chan 5 2,834
Center screen on cursor Qutse by Qutse 0 1,379
Disable In-Game Game Jester of Quebec by watbesh 3 1,596
Change Item Sets like Masteries Keiran Darkwill by Seth the Bum 1 1,961
I shouldn't have to open the wiki for basic information about champs. WoogityWoog by Seth the Bum 3 2,050
may we add different language for NA canadianForces by Jester of Quebec 3 1,614
Spectating - moving champ portraits golden foxes by golden foxes 0 1,340
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HUD/In-game Radio JointOpz by JointOpz 0 1,405
Please give us a smart loading screen. a lot to learn by IIIPlasmaIII 1 1,561
Please Give Us A Kick Option Barbaros25 by Emmerlaus 1 1,689
Bug solidxx by THSBand 1 1,801
Dominion Scoring fivecap by Percilus 3 2,728
Allied Champion HUD MankindTP by MankindTP 0 1,479
Lower Resolutions TigerDerp by Homura x Chan 2 3,772
The scroll bars on the right and bottom of the shop hud don't work Toben by Toben 0 1,547
Skill order saver TDChangeling by TDChangeling 0 1,511
Ordering Runes and Masteries Humayyunh123 by ScheeleNR 3 4,567
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Ping mute/report plz TDChangeling by oBg 2 1,697
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