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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Black Screen Game MasterNhia Im Fed IRL 2 1724
Add Godmode in custom for testing purposes Bdoom Im Fed IRL 4 2223
Achievement Rewards, IP Sink, Report Cards YEEKUZA Im Fed IRL 1 1626
Any UI that can switch the ability bar and minimap? Pheonix Flare Im Fed IRL 2 1572
Opacity Doran Nhika Im Fed IRL 1 1310
change the color of summoner spell heal Tankarmor Im Fed IRL 1 1132
Individual HUD item sizes WOMB0 C0MB0 Im Fed IRL 1 1305
In-game HUD placement NewSnowEra NewSnowEra 0 1843
Shortest Path Char 7 Char 7 0 1740
Smartcast range indicator MingoDynasty Eta Hope 1 2879
Quick Range Indicator Question MakeitBane Synycyl 1 2284
summoner spells bar the blue hulk Synycyl 1 2466
Showdown isnt a showdown moonwillow11 Synycyl 2 3886
Role queueing Zaldorz Synycyl 2 2224
Show the Total Gold Count for Both Teams. Kuthix Synycyl 2 3976
racist Mr CreMeuX Synycyl 9 4926
TeamFinder Zambersan Zambersan 0 1878
Secondary Role Filter SuperSmashBro95 SuperSmashBro95 0 1777
Hero swapping click box in ARAM noblefish DaejinTye 1 2036
Unlocking the Trinket Slot Mme Justice DaejinTye 6 2555
About matchmaking only450 NOHOMO only450 NOHOMO 0 1653
inactivity booting Beldin Sorcerer Beldin Sorcerer 0 1749
diana's ult description death t200 MrWizard0022 1 1692
Show friendly champions' exp bars Reconsul Reconsul 0 1735
Players AFK in ranked/normals EpicD3AD awaysthere 1 1818
Connection Issues - In Game Guardian420 Guardian420 0 1769
Seperate resizing options for UI Juggernaut1928 Juggernaut1928 0 1747
Resize ColdMiller ColdMiller 1 1826
silver soloq fun streamer SoLidBeatZ SoLidBeatZ 1 1692
Please allow setting motification out of game and masteries saving pixarghettolamp pixarghettolamp 1 3388
@RIOT re-arranging Rune/Masteries pages I Didn Do It I Didn Do It 0 1883
The game feels sluggish. UnleashedSilence Fadedcamo 2 5166
Mute Player in Champion Select DJFariel Fadedcamo 1 2353
CS counter on target Fadedcamo Fadedcamo 0 1824
Skin browser Tofuplasm Tofuplasm 0 1780
Suggestion to improve "Disable Minimap Right-Click" Rf71v Sad Ambulances 2 3250
Vintage Skins in Mystery Gift Majestikz Majestikz 0 1886
Timers on icons in the Buff Bar. T2Taylor T2Taylor 0 2012
A way to increase damage floating text size?  ( 1 2 ) Trypsinogen SLayerOfNOOB 10
Riot Post
Still have "Legacy Text" and want rid of it? Follow these steps. Critiful SLayerOfNOOB 4 2919
FPS Troubles HELP! HoldinTheLine HoldinTheLine 0 2135
Unlocked camera panning suggestion/request Benzillah OSGS Ir0nClad 1 2430
Enemy abilities on HUD mightysolrac mightysolrac 0 2244
Spectate- more options please. Eyemite Dekin 2 3745
IMHO The launcher looks clunky Kords Kords 0 2171
Legacy damage text missing? Bowl Of Oranges DeliciousVimp 2 4122
Riot,Please Fizzy The Quick Fizzy The Quick 0 2164
Help, summoner icon... SexualNarwhall SexualNarwhall 1 2165
Customizable Interface (Purple Side Fixed) Grand Master Poe CountOfDelves 8 4868
ummm 15 min wait time for not doding? Mage Lord Nelber Mage Lord Nelber 0 2015