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Wouldn't it be nice if we could lock the camera in a diferent position? Mojimi Mojimi 7 4524
Enemy Return Ping Mechanical Toast DAMS14 1 1858
Auto Attack Range Display Famíne Famíne 0 1951
HUD animations optimization deadlychuck deadlychuck 0 2051
Cool Idea for Battle Loading Screen Bleeghleflorn Bleeghleflorn 2 2565
HUD Skins? Meeyo Sohleks 5 3212
in-game chat PacifistC x3ph 1 2277
account suspended because of lag 0Barack Obama0 xTheft 1 2147
Blue team/Purple team switch viewpoint  ( 1 2 ) Hugh G Rekshan xTheft 19 7072
Nicknames for chat memoryandsilence memoryandsilence 0 1696
Wishlist Suggestion King Nervous King Nervous 0 1621
Mac HUD Patch 4.2! trprbound trprbound 0 1775
Additional Chat Control (Perma-Disable) WarGolem2011 WarGolem2011 0 1761
New Ping Ideas. Shock Oh Shock Oh 3 1999
Loss Prevention & Win Prevention Oh Great One Tanst 3 3035
The mystery of Graves and the floating gun Vopel Vopel 0 1753
New surrender option: Truce Mechanical Toast Tanst 1 1836
Colorblind problem with snow maps Emperiox Davok 1 2904
Question who do i talk to about a loss prevention.... LoseToaNoob Sorderon 4 1624
Hello new text damage Eskimoƒo Eskimoƒo 0 1651
Custom cursors for RP Reconsul Reconsul 0 1824
Dear Riot, please respond Sir Fuzzi Sir Fuzzi 0 1652
HUD Being Unresponsive in Store (Launcher) Nighthawkennen Nighthawkennen 0 1587
riot finally combating against modders? Aetherlight Aetherlight 0 1607
Minor gripe regarding custom lobby Batchakemino Batchakemino 0 1379
inversable HUD A51an A51an 0 1519
Key bind scroll wheel Feyli Aetherlight 1 2013
In game announcer packs Glaœon EmeralSoul 1 1540
Minimap Colours Hiato Hiato 1 1489
Mana and other secondary displays InversionComplex InversionComplex 0 1518
Queue system? BZZ MFin BZZ BZZ BZZ MFin BZZ BZZ 0 1498
Self Mystery skin gifting Boss Champ Boss Champ 0 1508
Ranked pairing arih0h0 epicchris1113 2 2960
Stalemate/Draw Vote Chewblasta Wolfcub2000 8 5342
Draw offer Wolfcub2000 Wolfcub2000 0 1253
Quick Ping and Items A Sober Schism A Sober Schism 0 1257
@Riot: Rengar's Range-finder is AWESOME. Can we get more? The Djinn sbmfsu 1 1997
health bars NekoNightstalker EmeralSoul 1 1597
A few of my many ideas :D Best Gems NY EmeralSoul 3 2767
Will pause be available to us? Sygil EmeralSoul 4 1741
Champion Testing KINGmahem EmeralSoul 1 1259
Chat While Game Loads neghsmoke EmeralSoul 2 1290
Ranked Revised EmeralSoul EmeralSoul 0 1135
Calling lanes..... TheAtheistOtaku sprintDOHC 6 3856
No IP/Exp earned for this match... keiferj0415 keiferj0415 1 1072
Camera Lock and Auto attacking Raith alghul Raith alghul 0 1242
New Cursor 4death4 Raith alghul 2 2256
Fixing Purple side disadvantage Dragamas Raith alghul 2 2668
ROLE QUE- great idea Magtherodin Raith alghul 2 1309
First Win of the Day - front page star technoproject technoproject 0 988