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HUD Being Unresponsive in Store (Launcher) Nighthawkennen by Nighthawkennen 0 1,541
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inversable HUD A51an by A51an 0 1,464
Key bind scroll wheel Feyli by Aetherlight 1 1,721
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Minimap Colours Hiato by Hiato 1 1,451
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Queue system? BZZ MFin BZZ BZZ by BZZ MFin BZZ BZZ 0 1,462
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Ranked pairing arih0h0 by epicchris1113 2 2,868
Stalemate/Draw Vote Chewblasta by Wolfcub2000 8 5,239
Draw offer Wolfcub2000 by Wolfcub2000 0 1,211
Quick Ping and Items A Sober Schism by A Sober Schism 0 1,214
@Riot: Rengar's Range-finder is AWESOME. Can we get more? The Djinn by sbmfsu 1 1,933
health bars NekoNightstalker by EmeralSoul 1 1,557
A few of my many ideas :D Best Gems NY by EmeralSoul 3 2,736
Will pause be available to us? Sygil by EmeralSoul 4 1,689
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Chat While Game Loads neghsmoke by EmeralSoul 2 1,247
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Calling lanes..... TheAtheistOtaku by sprintDOHC 6 3,797
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Camera Lock and Auto attacking Raith alghul by Raith alghul 0 1,162
New Cursor 4death4 by Raith alghul 2 2,216
Fixing Purple side disadvantage Dragamas by Raith alghul 2 2,381
ROLE QUE- great idea Magtherodin by Raith alghul 2 1,268
First Win of the Day - front page star technoproject by technoproject 0 951
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Range indicators? WIlliam Baxby by WIlliam Baxby 0 990
A bronze border magtanium by LvL 99 PokeDex 1 981
The art of clicking ... that doesn't work Scwop by Scwop 1 1,011
A simple, yet rewarding addition to Mastery/Rune page selection for champs. Shady Caveman by Shady Caveman 0 1,197
Balanced Matchqueue (solo) MReturns by MReturns 0 1,218
A QoL update like there was for Nasus Negro Skwisgaar by Negro Skwisgaar 0 1,212
Is there any way to disable scroll wheel zooming? KoD JVGGALO by Super Powered 3 1,536
2 UI tweaks that should be added. Super Powered by Super Powered 0 1,421
Just thought of this idea. Lookaquarter by Lookaquarter 0 1,325
Chat modification pixarghettolamp by pixarghettolamp 0 1,374
MMR is ponitless Ragin by Ragin 0 1,445
Function (F) keys in Locked Camera [Suggestion] KnowBrainer by KnowBrainer 0 1,540
Auto-kick. adtheren by adtheren 0 1,356
The ability to change the cusor...its so small BattleBootyRiven by BattleBootyRiven 0 1,443