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Sticky Thread Compendium of Map Specific Champion Balance: Twisted Treeline   ( 1 2 3 ... 4) ManWolfAxeBoss by GingerDreads 31 Riot Post 79,899
Sticky Thread Who are the best champions?   ( 1 2 3 ... 78) Snoop Nome by Karaneao 773 Riot Post 482,510
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Looking for AP player!   ( 1 2) zRoguez by TrollinFeedRAGE 13 919
Looking for AP Sion build xype by Lachrimae 3 369
Looking for Australians to play ranked 3s with Arcanist by Crs R3demption 1 321
Looking for bot lane AP for Plat/Diamond+ 3's. ProhibitionX47X by Goophed 3 920
Looking for bot lane duo for ranked CounterSnipe by Banana Fortress 2 442
Looking for bronze team SlayerOfEmoKids by ColeSanders1 6 1,107
looking for bronze to low silver team 3v3 ranked Flair82 by Beavis Got u 1 21
Looking for carry to gold on 3s Sykotic Pandas by WishaNigaWould 2 201
Looking for casual 3v3 team Titan Balls by leftness 1 333
Looking for Casual 3v3 player to queue with.. Valkyrie17 by Valkyrie17 0 384
Looking for casual players SemiHotClaw by SemiHotClaw 0 300
Looking for casual Ranked 3s BryAallDay by Khador Exremeist 3 609
Looking for competent teammate Garoxxar by Garoxxar 0 268
Looking for competitive 3v3 team AetheistWeapon by AetheistWeapon 0 129
Looking for daily 3v3 platinum players! Růmblé by Růmblé 0 245
looking for daytime ranked 3v3 MastuhMind by MastuhMind 0 164
looking for decent people for 3v3 ESF by Sĺm 1 309
Looking for dedicated 3s players! Must have skype! Shyful by Shyful 1 314
Looking For Dedicated 3v3 Team Oo Tatsuo oO by Oo Tatsuo oO 0 659
Looking For Dedicated Ranked 3s Team G1 3s Player Kinglyzz by Kinglyzz 0 901
Looking for dedicated teammate IE IN ID by Ranaeus 1 231
Looking for DETERMINED 3v3 players Rambo Tryndamere by Rambo Tryndamere 3 992
looking for Diamond + 3v3 top laner for Diamond 1 team Master 3v3 by Master 3v3 0 244
Looking for diamond 3's Betsujin by Pannucci 4 403
Looking for Diamond players for Twisted Treeline 3s ranked To try to get Diamond RIG Galactix by Xydra 4 564
Looking for Diamond+ 3v3 players to shoot for Challenger Quark by Mahyar 9 954
Looking for diamond+ 3v3 team makusen by makusen 2 618
Looking for Diamond+ players for 3s Srey by Sam 4 366
Looking for Diamond+ Zed teacher Hokeypokey by ImaGetYouWet 1 2,044
Looking for Diamond/Plat 1 players for 3's team. Insect Aside by Insect Aside 0 375
Looking for Diamond/Plat TT team Scryed by Scryed 1 200
Looking for draft mode but got raped by tryndamere and singed   ( 1 2) MDCityNIGHT by KumquatSandwich 12 824
Looking for duo bot TheSlothMan by TheSlothMan 0 1,212
Looking for experience 3's player Ranaeus by Saiyushu 2 242
Looking for experienced 3s players to form a team The Schmeckler by The Schmeckler 0 269
Looking for experienced TT player (Plat/Diamond+) CYSL by bobbySmith 3 318
Looking For Fellow Asians who like 3s just as much as I do :3 Scryed by FearAzrael 1 262
Looking for friendly and helpful good player for 3v3!   ( 1 2) drgareeyg by EarthshakerVII 14 1,013
Looking for friendly ppl to TT with xxZombieBitsxx by xxZombieBitsxx 0 100
Looking for friendly, skilled, TT players. Fants E Pants by Fants E Pants 0 326
Looking for friends Soft Tortoise by DafuqIjustread 5 350
Looking for friends to hit diamond Wika Wika Wa by Wika Wika Wa 0 156
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Looking for G5 + ranked 3s team Senpai Mechanics by UnchainedDemon 4 386
Looking for G5 + ranked 3s team Senpai Mechanics by xFinch 1 556
Looking for Gold RiddĂ­ck by Diamonti 1 759
looking for gold + players to go for plat fkurself by fkurself 0 218
Looking for Gold + solo q for 3v3 rank Mulee by Mulee 0 568
Looking for gold 3s team Trajanman by Trajanman 0 159