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Sticky Thread Compendium of Map Specific Champion Balance: Twisted Treeline   ( 1 2 3 ... 4) ManWolfAxeBoss by GingerDreads 31 Riot Post 82,236
Sticky Thread Who are the best champions?   ( 1 2 3 ... 78) Snoop Nome by Feces Sandwich 776 Riot Post 495,644
looking for a team Gorditofury by Gorditofury 2 296
Looking For A Team Pkbaldy by Pkbaldy 0 405
Looking for a team Janna The Queen by Janna The Queen 2 1,013
Looking For A Team Lidicium91 by Lidicium91 0 832
Looking for a team Krazzi Kid by Sm 1 211
Looking for a team Cacarott by 1ring 2 413
Looking for a team The Bear Grylls by Arithien 5 524
Looking for a team k0lethegreat by k0lethegreat 0 416
Looking for a team :D ColdestFlame by ColdestFlame 2 442
Looking for a team casual or serious AbsolutionZero by AbsolutionZero 0 252
Looking for a team in 3s Kitsune Sin by 3476594256874598 2 613
Looking for a team of 3s Nivek199 by icallmidsolo 7 1,240
Looking for a Team Ranked Soul Cloud by Soul Cloud 0 454
Looking for a team to at least hit gold and hopefully plat fkurself by fkurself 0 306
Looking for a team to get on that is dedicated. CowHindoo by CowHindoo 2 274
Looking for a team to get to gold! Jaku939 by SkankyMonkeyPaw 3 439
looking for a team to hit gold with BotanistBoy by BotanistBoy 0 162
looking for a team to join 3v3s anyone want to invite? hit me up Tyler Teh Killa by Ampiiflyz 6 397
Looking for a team to join for gold N30 by N30 0 900
looking for a team to practice 3's heatwing by Thresh Lol 2 924
Looking for a team with skype Yarae by Yarae 0 345
looking for a Team with skype to play with now TrollinFeedRAGE by cey 2 429
Looking for a team! The Soraka Troll by The Soraka Troll 0 940
Looking for a Team! Sweet Creams by fezky007 3 310
looking for a TEAM!!!s2platELO. TheTrueWILLHEART by Macris07 4 195
looking for a team/group clit commander22 by A name u cant se 1 418
Looking for a Teammate for some ranked 3s Braden by VashT3hStampede 4 360
Looking for a Third Intox Panda by MasterNitrix 2 327
Looking for a third DucNam by Prohibition 4 1,480
Looking for a third ***** IBeCluelessToo by IBeCluelessToo 0 179
Looking for a third for diamond+ 3's TotallyTugBoat by BaBeeQ 5 365
Looking for a third for gold Diamonti by Skystryke 2 498
Looking for a third man 3v3 ranked CrazyKnight by TheHyruleFool 6 495
Looking for a third player Rezou by kureransu 7 477
Looking for a third player for ranked Hecx by Hecx 0 122
Looking for a Third to add to a team Bopperino by Ziek88 3 140
Looking for a third to obtain gold! Flurgo by N30 5 1,576
Looking for a third, or a gold team to grind on SoLiate Runs LoL by cloud417 1 371
Looking for a third, or a gold team to grind on SoLiate Runs LoL by Gaymoe 1 373
Looking for a third? Hoeslayer by Hoeslayer 0 364
looking for a threes team for remainder of the season soldierofsin by soldierofsin 0 205
Looking for a Twisted Treeline partner Ckiemonster by Bo0M N0obs 5 379
looking for a very active 3rd Frankenstein 42 by ChronoChrono 4 322
Looking for a Wukong player. Piseas by Ashen Paige 4 455
looking for a ~1250 duo partner Vabryn by Vabryn 0 206
Looking for active 3v3 partners JKCopenhagen by Dionysiss 3 224
Looking for active 3v3 team or players Zlachio by Policing 1 263
Looking for active P4+ player for rank 3s SIG SG 550 by Miniblitz 4 515
Looking for active players for 3s Nature Is Cool by meNinja 2 267
Looking for AD players who want to get carried to gold. FearAzrael by FearAzrael 0 173