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Sticky Thread Who are the best champions?   ( 1 2 3 ... 78) Snoop Nome by Karaneao 773 Riot Post 482,956
Sticky Thread Compendium of Map Specific Champion Balance: Twisted Treeline   ( 1 2 3 ... 4) ManWolfAxeBoss by GingerDreads 31 Riot Post 79,978
Looking for someone willing to trade Reindeer Kog'maw! Violetbanana by lxSOS Brigadexl 7 397
Can we lower the surrender timer to like.. .5 minutes? Nykidemus by Luego 7 467
New Competitive 3v3 Twisted Treeline Team Rango The Mango by Fnatic KimChi 7 1,407
Why are we being ignored? WrathgarWarlord by OnlyBotLane 7 314
[TT] Why is Kitae's/Madred's Bloodrazor banned? LittleSchneider by FDru 7 694
Snowballiness on the new TT, do you agree? Girafossauro by Girafossauro 7 196
Constructive Criticism Regarding New TT VIOLENTxSHINOBI by VIOLENTxSHINOBI 7 276
First game of the new twisted tree line... Jibur by Bixkou 7 477
Gold per 10 Items Arctanus by AvatarKillir 7 567
Mages rejoice!!!!! Sessamo by Neuthung 7 732
Blackfire torch and Brand! freehat20 by SrgCorBec 7 444
LF 3v3 team to hit Gold+ Rumination by iWinna 7 282
Meta- can we actually talk about it beyond champ picks? Ogrebait by TheRandomJoe 7 275
Question: Average game length? Lhyanc by Lhyanc 7 4,220
Considering Objectives leonresevil2 by Stexe 7 Riot Post 705
3v3 Competitive Team for Season 3 - LF Top Bruiser and Bot APC Rango The Mango by Rango The Mango 7 3,185
i love TT2 Yordle Defender by Mr Mystical 7 452
Is it just me, or is burst caster itemization lacking on the new map? Galgus by Galgus 7 551
Comparing Replacing the new TT, or just adding it as a new map. xMistressAthenax by YeahBabyGetSome 7 665
A big thanks to riot.. jk Zoobyqt by Soiyeruda 7 420
Aren't death timers a little too long? RyuuMasken by lagNZ 7 Riot Post 1,196
Think Of The Trash Computers!! Mustaphah by CallMeCrazySam 7 482
Twisted Treeline, New Map same Meta Coinstar by Bulletphun 7 963
Twisted Treeline is cool but... Ajax Oblige by BoyceForte 7 479
New Twisted Tree Line :( fail... AbeLXT by PATRICK LE GRAND 7 469
Diamond Team for 3s WalkRunPlay by Mksuen 7 335
Twisted Treeline Bolby by Grimmgore 7 419
Altars 12edruM by 12edruM 7 751
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Co-op vs AI player disconnect = defeat Kaparlo by Davester32 7 662
Elise Altar Easter Egg NARHAR by Hope19 7 1,284
Kass on 3v3 help. Vaulkain by Zimlick 7 987
Bring back the jungle! Shaquintosh by DragonEpico 7 589
Hey Everyone. Optimis5 by Optimis5 7 344
Another Poll After playing beta Meat Shield by Redjik 7 315
no more champs we need maps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 420Chief509 by Strayal 7 219
Bring back TT, stop with SI, finish PG Lirrink by FDru 7 629
This is my feed back for teh Beta Twisted Treeline KalaVedaks by KalaVedaks 7 611
Blackfire Torch iEdgecrusher by Gabe2 7 648
No oracles? No wards? WTF? Sythalin by Vinyl Skratch 7 314
@Riot about the new lantern item Krizzen Djovak by chaser676 7 600
Like the new TT meta Pinkalink by Squeezy102 7 1,049
Solution: PurpleURP by Holydemonhero 7 362
New games actually taking longer? FeelTheSPARTAN by Foruss 7 608
First I liked, then I hated =/ Padre Judas by Seanman24 7 343
It seems all the 'toxic' top laners have found a home in TT Shizuhara by Peligrad 7 462
Bring back the OLD TT. Nikyre by ceabrus 7 755
FYI Ninja tabi Lethal Loki by Infirc 7 605