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Sticky Thread Who are the best champions?   ( 1 2 3 ... 73) Les Nomerables by MrChewChew 727 Riot Post 402,667
Sticky Thread Compendium of Map Specific Champion Balance: Twisted Treeline   ( 1 2 3) ManWolfAxeBoss by CollectiveFury 26 Riot Post 37,325
@Riot: Why not have both OLD and NEW maps to see which is better? EbonyJim by WrathgarWarlord 2 50
Can we get normal draft here? Magíc Man by Magíc Man 2 466
Will we ever see the old TT as a playable map again? WrathgarWarlord by WrathgarWarlord 2 290
Smite is pointless on the new TT Borigrad by Para 2 136
My 3v3 impressions/thoughts THE iiNSOMNiiAC by I Found Baron 2 443
new map is garbage **** you riot Zombie Mushrooms by Kagroth 2 124
This new map makes me go to sleep Roman by PurpleURP 2 94
Holy smokes new TT Piggotts by Piggotts 2 652
Plays like Dominion? DemolitionDean by Goggris 2 459
Dual Objective Gameplay Ruuak by Desocupado 2 667
Please change to old TT Gank4 Saurus R3x by Såm 2 178
What happened to the Co-Op we were getting on the new Twisted Treeline? Daimao by HayabusaZero 2 273
To Riot: Feedback for your new TT SiR JohnnyKage by SiR Zalinn 2 491
wall around fountain turret funnyguy94 by KiIIerGecko 2 160
New TT was supposed to give players more chance to counter tanky, but... Azkalas by Northpaw 2 272
Problems with SITT OneSixthIrish by A Nearby Shrub 2 64
Teemo Swissneck by Swissneck 2 76
Problems I'm seeing with the new 3v3. Narris Protex by HmoobMamba24 2 536
Improvements/Suggestions Siciliae by Br Curse is Real 2 264
gg riot treehealage by Sabotag 2 637
opinion from another 2 year TT player asdf123jdsf621 by Zeiitgeist 2 471
Lag in the twisted treeline?!? GlitchersFantasy by xMONIXx 2 1,185
First Impressions of TT KiIIerGecko by KiIIerGecko 2 373
@Riot did you expect the massive backlash about TT2? Venova by Lengone 2 334
Can't understand why is bloodthirster removed Yamiee by fiddlesticksssss 2 561
Can people see you go through the speed boost? Vi3taZnDr4g0n by JoshTree2 2 425
Elise Bigbig Simba by TerrorTensa 2 478
Opponent's Shop Clickable 5thDown by Orenin 2 164
new map sucks.. Gornack by Infirc 2 70
New maps is great...other then TychoVII by Desocupado 2 81
let me get this right, you made the map easier for Bruisers and worse for Assassins Borigrad by HaShedon 2 365
Gald I got two games in last night before the update WrathgarWarlord by WrathgarWarlord 2 60
plz put wards in TT greyesonic by VanIsleKnight 2 61
New Items in the 5v5 Classic? AIodia by AIodia 2 1,083
The new Twisted Treeline - How to improve? Relytmai by Joe Krake 2 284
My opinion after playing about ten games Ragnarokio by WrathgarWarlord 2 590
New TT: Pros, Cons, and Suggestions Its Frisky Blue by Its Frisky Blue 2 747
Why not make this new map its own and keep the old TT Irish Rone by WrathgarWarlord 2 571
Fiddlesticks can go invisible now :/ I Loeve Typos by iBanished 2 231
This is not Twisted Treeline... Soul Cloud by VapoR 2 43
Just another Summoner's honest Review Aziara by Inheart 2 474
Why I wont play the new TT for two weeks+ now Fermitkrog by Hot Revolvers 2 119
Is it me... or TT whould be.... Cryotron93 by KiChree 2 122
Just had one of the most frustrating losses... JacksonSolo by fiddlesticksssss 2 431
New TT does not suck but old TT doesn't suck either. moredrowsy by ShineyMagikarp 2 59
This is not Twisted Treeline... Soul Cloud by Soul Cloud 2 110
Fix twisted treeline too much like dominion jsnaggler by Marz Hill 2 333
Riots evil plan revealed!!! summoner somenot by P0tat0salad 2 119
@Riot, Mordekaiser's Recommended Items Rveniss by Cardamominal 2 143
Who else likes the new TT? pikachuwei by PurpleURP 2 137