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Sticky Thread Compendium of Map Specific Champion Balance: Twisted Treeline   ( 1 2 3) ManWolfAxeBoss by Telinus 29 Riot Post 50,316
Sticky Thread Who are the best champions?   ( 1 2 3 ... 76) Nome or Die by FarRockBF 754 Riot Post 435,623
LF jungler for 3v3 ranked! hellrazor22 by travthasav 3 950
Jungle turretdinger? I tried it. Who you ever tried that wasnt supposed to jungle? Helltyz by Helltyz 1 555
Noob looking for TT help Helmight by Růmblé 6 779
3v3 Gold ranked disapeared Helphaistos by GreyHawX 3 408
Can't Win Them All. Helter Kremlin by Helter Kremlin 0 157
Aatrox game. Helter Kremlin by Shadowing Fate 2 212
Trolling? Hematophobia by FreezeBand 7 801
Twisted Treeline Ques Hemond by MDCityKILLER 3 128
Creating New 3's Team HempKnight QQ by Trefia 1 170
Vilemaw is bigger noob bait than Baron Henry Plainview by JevelFaithful 8 1,151
I'm sad that they're nerfing Lantern/Sweeper so hard Henry Plainview by Henry Plainview 0 369
The 30% requirement for teams is kind of a bummer for TT Henry Plainview by Rezon 7 801
Will TT also get the Dominion changes to Teemo and Nidalee? Henry Plainview by Henry Plainview 0 637
Lower the price and stats of ichors? Henry Plainview by FreeGothitelle 2 509
I play this map to have fun Henry Plainview by Demacry 7 750
Suggestions to improve the altars Henry Plainview by Dark Blade Yago 1 363
How do you feel about the new BFT?   ( 1 2) Henry Plainview by OnlyBotGame 10 931
Why can't we have Bloodthirster? Henry Plainview by Demacry 1 340
Please increase the detection radius of sweeper/lightbringer Henry Plainview by xSeanox 3 390
VERY FAST BEAR: AP Udyr build Henry Plainview by Kurphan 7 1,084
So if TT is coming out of Beta, that means we're getting solo queue ranked, right? Henry Plainview by InsanePyrDragon 1 926
A quote from Tryndamere that I believe explains TT2 Henry Plainview by Exqzr 2 369
How do you counter Shaco?   ( 1 2) Henry Plainview by Rasmorak 15 15,033
I feel the mana regen aura does more harm than good Henry Plainview by Demacry 1 434
Anyone else tired of queueing for a quick TT game... Henry Plainview by Brodhi 6 540
Does anyone else have horrible matchmaking on TT? Henry Plainview by D4RK3W0LF 5 682
When are we going to get an actual nerf for Singed?   ( 1 2) Henry Plainview by Memorandus 10 390
The Singed nerfs will do absolutely nothing   ( 1 2 3) Henry Plainview by jovack 24 Riot Post 9,535
Do you buy boots at the start?   ( 1 2) Henry Plainview by Watersports Drew 16 1,380
I think my favorite thing about TT2 is how they added items for casters and carries Henry Plainview by OnlyBotLane 1 352
Garen's Recommended items is the worst build I have ever seen. Henry Plainview by Henry Plainview 0 385
Playing Darius, Teemo, or Singed should be a bannable offense   ( 1 2) Henry Plainview by Nerdsinc 17 1,158
I'm really frustrated by the Lantern nerfs   ( 1 2 3) Henry Plainview by Rugalb98 28 Riot Post 12,750
Nobody else on my team ever buys sweeper/lightbringer even against Teemo and Akali Henry Plainview by Eloquid 9 485
Why is the BFT dot so long? Henry Plainview by Henry Plainview 0 723
Overlord's Buttmail   ( 1 2) Henry Plainview by Bloodline 11 Riot Post 1,731
Is there anything that can be done about Darius? Henry Plainview by Biskadee 6 602
Does anyone else feel the games last too long?   ( 1 2 3) Henry Plainview by RedxFr0st 22 2,823
The snowballing on TT2 is just stupid   ( 1 2 3 ... 4) Henry Plainview by Unredeem 31 1,730
Why is it that every Olaf in my games buys Hydra first Henry Plainview by OnlyBotLane 3 386
Are there any other secret buffs on TT? And alters are confusing Henry Plainview by fiddlesticksssss 5 426
Riot we just wanted you to fix the jungle, towers, and thicken some walls Henry Plainview by Henry Plainview 5 594
How do you guys play Renekton? Henry Plainview by KevinDelMarr 1 478
Playing against a team with a dedicated jungler is the most annoying thing Henry Plainview by Krampus Claus 1 414
When does it get better... her0nz by Ziek88 4 1,179
better chances of win here? Herbert Gideon by OnlyBotGame 1 186
Tournament Stream Final Day!!! With Giveaways! HereWeGoATL by HereWeGoATL 0 288
Tournament Stream!! Come check it out HereWeGoATL by HereWeGoATL 0 162
Gamers Affect Streaming with gunnar give away!!! HereWeGoATL by HereWeGoATL 0 163
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