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Sticky Thread Who are the best champions?   ( 1 2 3 ... 77) Snoop Nome by Sugarushin 760 Riot Post 444,258
Sticky Thread Compendium of Map Specific Champion Balance: Twisted Treeline   ( 1 2 3) ManWolfAxeBoss by Telinus 29 Riot Post 53,504
LF 3's parters to hit diamond/challenger tocoo4u by tocoo4u 0 335
Late Night Wait! SoldierRay5 by SoldierRay5 0 330
LF team to hit gold ChineseCommunist by Memorystack 3 1,024
Need 1 more. Need a bruiser Nzo by Nzo 0 391
Can two+ groups of one ranked team queue at the same time? Ghostoo666 by Boo 3 1,326
Need third fast NinjaNC by NinjaNC 0 375
LF plat team going for diamond. East coast. Royal Ardor by Royal Ardor 0 394
Brothers looking for 3rd member to get to gold TrainwreckOG by TrainwreckOG 0 430
Looking for people to power level with (Referrals) PubicBattle by PubicBattle 0 444
Jungler LF team to get gold BronusLordOfBros by BronusLordOfBros 0 416
AP Bot/Jungler lf 3s team for gold MDCityAPOP by MDCityAPOP 0 420
Lf 2m Ranked 3s Dia Grind Bk Rando by Bk Rando 0 445
Riot. After many years of twisted fate. I've finally realized whats wrong with him. Anbringehr by Anbringehr 0 544
Just got gold V.... Steam Store by Akhet Ra 2 766
Need an AP for 3s hillzgeo1 by Akhet Ra 6 1,380
Looking for members to 3s with. Must be plat II or higher. MrPrinny by Royal Ardor 1 444
Me and myGold Friend need a third fast NinjaNC by Cr1ms0nshad3 1 591
Why Has Packtraveling become the new "Meta"? exospectre by My Desired Name 9 1,905
3s team LF Experienced Jungler for Diamond/Challenger Mattyzs by Vinterland 2 921
how does this work? LordMiggytron by Grinningsphinx 1 533
Gold I team LF CAPABLE personel JesusTheNig by JesusTheNig 0 505
LF 10 wins on a gold team GoombaGuy by GoombaGuy 3 1,134
Making Competetive 3v3 team zLube by ChronoChrono 2 570
New 3s team ( high mmr ) LF Plat + jungler. Mattyzs by NasusTopOnlyQC 1 925
plat 1 solo Q LF for a team to get diamond in 3. NasusTopOnlyQC by NasusTopOnlyQC 0 481
Looking for Gold Riddíck by Diamonti 1 754
Looking for diamond+ 3v3 team makusen by makusen 2 615
Looking for 2 more or a 3v3 group PineBear by Doozles 1 561
So if TT is coming out of Beta, that means we're getting solo queue ranked, right? Henry Plainview by InsanePyrDragon 1 927
3v3 ranked need 2 people my friends suck GentBongTheRiper by Big Bonez 3 883
Looking for Rumble for 3v3's DeSlyBro by DeSlyBro 0 527
1000th win request BestTerroristNA by BestTerroristNA 0 556
We need a Chance to prove our worth RockShock by monko 3 936
What would you generally build as Leona in TT? Chained Guardian by Chained Guardian 2 1,033
Silver 3 into Silver 2 promos... against Plat+? Berthkgar by MisterAbu 2 1,038
Me and my Plat Friend need a third fast RockShock by MisterAbu 1 751
Need a new 3s teammate Falteringrain by Xx S0LDIER xX 4 728
LF Gold+ to reach Plat TIMMAAYkush by TIMMAAYkush 0 565
LF 2 platinum partner Veiishu by Veiishu 0 559
Why are they buffing Black Fire Torch? Rezon by My Desired Name 4 876
[3v3][Goal for Plat/Diamond] Chromophilic by Chromophilic 0 606
Need a Jungler for Silver 2 3's team! InfamouzI by InfamouzI 0 575
Need good 3rd for ranked TT to hit gold Chaøs iz back by FFxCloud 1 577
gold 3v3 team needs 2 to run later today isuperiorz by RogueFinisher 2 958
Plat 2 99 points LF DIAMOND SOLO QUE JUNGLER Mattyzs by Mattyzs 0 581
LF1M 3v3 Gold 3+ GordQT by MCT 1 567
3v3 Ranked looking for 3rd Gold solo min Heyzuice by Slasheo 2 643
LF jungler for 3v3 ranked! hellrazor22 by travthasav 3 953
3V3 GOLD? Rank?? Uljima by Pixilz 3 827
Looking to start a 3's team for fun! izesty by izesty 0 445