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Riot screwed me over. Spectre Fiend by Amatzikahni 3 393
Chat box disappear Arceris by Arceris 0 143
Rank is a joke now, People dont even try! and soo many AFKERS joo 2h by GoGabeGo 6 434
Why not adc/support mid, bruiser bot, apc top, jungler jungle? [With reasoning] Atzero by BigPoppa1075 7 3,276
Silver II looking for duo partner cameronl33t1337 by cameronl33t1337 0 111
I don't understand how this happened.... Imbatross by Whoa There Betsy 1 284
So, Gold 2, Went 6-4, Got silver 4   ( 1 2) GrimEffex by Whoa There Betsy 12 920
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Yasuo's wind wall bug... PLZ FIX G0dHand by laxjoh 3 246
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2v1 Lane Swap Changes santaseve by santaseve 0 211
Fizz Summoner Spells Silvertip Legend by laxjoh 2 248
Conservation should proc on big lane minions. Mesa the Phoenix by Mesa the Phoenix 1 218
Looking for a Ranked 5's Team- ADC main THamid95 by THamid95 0 132
my friend just got B4 after going 9/1 in placements W82OP by Propheciah 2 320
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Forget Ranked, Have fun! (Streamin') Frothing Loins by Frothing Loins 0 177
Placements aren't broken Nonamesaccepted by Nonamesaccepted 0 269
Why ZCdude by Redskinsrock2689 2 169
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Gold 1 mid lane stream w/webcam Trying to main Yasuo   ( 1 2) Hyydez by Hyydez 11 279 - ON Dearest by Dearest 0 147
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How the hell did I "earn" Bronze 5?? kittenlover1234 by Oxycut 5 548
When will Team-Builder Release? RaginEagle by SCIENCE BlTCH 1 253
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Looking for Duo Partner Bintil by Bintil 0 143
From B1- Silver II Insult by W82OP 3 360
This is bs riot. Fix the placements. GaviNNN by FaytMaker 9 676
What is a jungler's role? Rikux3 by Legends Rift 9 1,189
Former D1 giving advice to new players in stream BattleShip Vayne by BattleShip Vayne 0 157
Hey all former d1 streaming BattleShip Vayne by BattleShip Vayne 1 159
I went 8-2 in promos and got demoted several tiers   ( 1 2) 4thEDITION by W82OP 13 2,414
simple kha'zix build (tank) blaststeel by blaststeel 0 271
Most BROKEN Combo EVARR Hot Turtle Sex by W82OP 2 272
I saw this guy call Bench as a role and I dodged. What is it? Tucsters by Tucsters 3 294
can you carry as a support in solo que? Because i feel like you can. joo 2h by Tucsters 2 177
Riot pls, making me work. S4 God Ekune by S4 God Ekune 0 134
Pretty dumb thing just happened in ranked Skilltestingman by Skilltestingman 4 277
League Points System w0w0 im not pro by cruzadersIII 6 1,917
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How.... xOpenCasketx by xOpenCasketx 0 117
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a quick fix idea or ap teemo's new opness Liightcat by Liightcat 0 140
Cap on S4 placements? Command Attack by Command Attack 3 196
kicked out of ranked as soon as a join again peachknight89 by peachknight89 0 122