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Looking for serious 5's team to go somewhere. Havoc dot exe by SuperNerdy 1 332
LOOKING FOR SERIOUS 5s Wourg by Wourg 0 152
Looking for SERIOUS and DEDICATED bot lane. Top 32. Zinc by iManEater 2 246
Looking for Serious Competitive Players   ( 1 2 3) I Concede by Lifebane 29 1,323
Looking for serious duo partner Jiggachamp by Velazul 2 673
Looking for Serious help, please. Splicur by Selcopa 1 280
Looking for Serious Players for ranked 5 v 5 MidKnite Kayauce by MidKnite Kayauce 7 822
Looking for SERIOUS Rank team MerlinRex by MerlinRex 0 140
Looking for serious Ranked Duo Partner JechtFL by JechtFL 0 407
Looking for serious ranked team Droopy McCool by Droopy McCool 2 323
Looking for serious ranked team (almost all positions played) SoUrDiEzHeL711 by SoUrDiEzHeL711 0 632
Looking for serious team Trippers by GeneralZarof 1 398
looking for serious team lordoffiend by lordoffiend 1 4,983
Looking for Serious Team for ranked. Like most ppl here :P ABeing by ABeing 0 520
Looking for Shoutcasters with Streaming Ability Frost Hawk by Frost Hawk 0 101
Looking for shoutcasters!!! codypwnzyou by codypwnzyou 0 959
Looking for silver duo partner can take higher dumb brother deranked jteddy by Tál 3 167
Looking for Silver Level Ranked Team to Scrim Shyotic by Giantfoamcat 1 133
Looking for skilled Duo with similar stats(elo climb) zachizblack by zachizblack 0 202
Looking for skilled Jungle for Duo-Que Cyrus The Virüs by Casteor 3 337
Looking for skilled Jungler for semi-competitive ranked 5v5 team MatthewCovert by think positive 2 303
Looking for skilled Plat+ Jungler for ranked 5s team spachemin by Cavo 1 112
Looking for Skilled players for 5s tournament team bballbry by bballbry 0 347
Looking For Skilled Support: Duo Queue   ( 1 2) Chea7z by korcho 13 831
looking for skrim sathim by ChëckMyOil 1 272
Looking for skrim 1300-1500 elo Omyslash0 by Omyslash0 0 213
Looking for solid 1300+ Duo partners NMxLegit by NMxLegit 1 411
Looking for solo q partner ELO HELL LolRare by LolRare 0 541
Looking for solo que partner Fanciest by Fanciest 0 9,150
Looking for Solo rank partner Sc2EvilGumyBear by Mr Testiclez 1 8,344
Looking for Solo/Duo (and team 5v5, 3v3) partners in bronze and silver rankings AntixReaper by AntixReaper 0 192
Looking for Soloq Silver 1 to Gold duo partner noobstix by noobstix 0 191
Looking for some accountability Motamellia by Motamellia 0 724
Looking for some ADC tips AngryW0mbat by AngryW0mbat 5 415
looking for some advice jughead5187 by Meijiro26 5 1,739
looking for some duo partners heptolisk by Fluxify 1 390
Looking for some duo partners! Elo - 1200+   ( 1 2) BeyondSanity by Waslynx 11 6,227
Looking for some feedback. Dunkurtin by Baxter the Teddy 1 188
Looking for some help getting out of bronze. Exoden by MMHSTerror 6 549
Looking for some help... Jonzey20 by dookedoo 2 1,903
Looking for some help/comments HaiKus by HaiKus 1 357
Looking for some info on competitive tournaments Alchemixt by Alchemixt 1 142
Looking for some people to scrim with NeverPull0ut by NeverPull0ut 0 9,024
Looking for Some players for a Ranked Team Sunnypro365 by Sunnypro365 0 308
Looking for someone 1,900 ELO or higher. RookieTV by Lilmk 4 431
Looking for someone new BeatRushVII by BeatRushVII 0 521
Looking for someone to carry me SlashV1 by Inorashi 8 1,952
Looking for someone to carry me up in elo. Meowmixinallday by Sicarius xXx 2 466
Looking for Someone to Duo que with SilenceDoesWork by Nzo 1 11,957
Looking for someone to Duo Que with. FTT Smiley by Dlittlejohn 2 445