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Ranking AmmoKitty by ElFonzi 2 14,391
Need 1 lcs ticket for sunday, 4/6/14. Ammori by Ammori 0 741
How good is vlad? amneias by Alv 4 17,827
Need Help - Solo Top Amorphous One by Amorphous One 0 336
Looking for team to practice ranked games ampbanisher by ampbanisher 0 105
Player intentionally feeds top, then goes afk in 1600 elo game. AMPd Vidi vici by I Am ThDominator 3 14,675
This IPL stream is **** horrible   ( 1 2) Amplisix by Amplisix 10 510
WCG screwed up nothing new Amree by Amree 0 246
Bans view in LCS stream. amSlender by amSlender 0 170
Where can I see clg vs clg? amumulessthan3 by amumulessthan3 0 273
inbeforeshyvananerf!!! amumulessthan3 by Mehiran 2 511
tsm didn't ban shyvana   ( 1 2) amumulessthan3 by CCWarlord 15 1,938
tsm vs clg amumulessthan3 by Moxzen 2 464
RANKED 5s: Need solo top player An African by An African 6 576
League Point Ranking System An Alpaca by TooBeastIy 3 342
CLG won against v8 not b/c they did better, but b/c Shyvana and Irelia are OP.   ( 1 2) an army of dudes by Xtractor 11 461
Is V8 actually a bad team?   ( 1 2) an army of dudes by Shuzo Matsuoka 17 875
Doublelift should move to Korea and become part of a Korean team.   ( 1 2) an army of dudes by ArisColdsac 17 1,455
TSM making V8 looking like a bunch of solo queue scrubs. an army of dudes by Raptamei 1 522
V8 should have won that game, CLG got outplayed and still won b/c OP champs. an army of dudes by Thought 9 504
@ The Newb Community in this Game an3my by Dr rAndOm 4 12,482
Being a Good Sport an3my by sn3aks 4 11,879
Ranked Points System Bug An4Rchy2012 by An4Rchy2012 0 194
Mac is dead what do you think An87YearOldWoman by so how u doin 2 9,150
Helppp high elo players? ANameNotInUse2 by FlC Madman 2 497
Randoms in Ranked Anamor by Dakaa 1 684
retarded elo calculation AnAwesomeNinja by Ranged AD 2 363
LF 5v5 team anaxamander by TheLoveHammer 2 17,763
mostly-competitive fantasy league (drafting once we're full and im online) and vav by and vav 4 289
Support response about "duo queuing" validates concept of ELO Hell anddandand by anddandand 4 586
Noobs to Pros AndeGame by AndeGame 9 1,594
Help me do my part for eSports [Survey Within] Anderzz by Anderzz 0 582
AD Carry looking for a home Andimeria by Andimeria 0 294
Looking for a dup partner in high gold or plat AndJesusSaidYOLO by AndJesusSaidYOLO 0 201
Loves them feeders in ranked Andman001 by Andman001 0 9,872
create a tournament AndreiKakashi by PFG Zebrakiller 2 1,796
"Belonging at your ELO" Really true? AndrewStrider by Soxes 9 1,090
I need serious help. AndrewStrider by Ryswick 2 489
LCS Inter-League play andrisko by Barraind 2 992
Voyboy: I guess M5 just outclassed us. Android Four by jkafa 6 355
The thing I liked about the day they released Pantheon... Andromansis by Andromansis 0 683
LOL survey andycooler by andycooler 0 284
LOL survey andycooler by andycooler 0 253
Looking for a Ranked Team Andyg10 by Andyg10 0 613
boycott wcg korea streams AndyLynn by AndyLynn 4 527
LF Duo for beginning of S3 1550+ please andyP0N3Zu by andyP0N3Zu 0 216
(Noob) A couple of ELO questions... anEgrahm by I Barricade I 4 783
Team Looking for Scrims anemetii by anemetii 0 298
I'm sure I am not the first, and I won't be the last. Anesthetics by GGroovy 8 349