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80 minute game PonderousSeaLion hypermonkieboi 2 1858
Changes @Riot has made to the game that allow for games like this to happen The Sgt Pepper hypermonkieboi 2 1734
LMQ needs to clean up for week 8 bluebaron201 bluebaron201 9 2263
6 Man Fantasy LCS WILL START AS SOON AS FULL AR Zranador TheSquarix 2 1824
Recruiting Houston, TX players for team. Tyamius PonderousSeaLion 2 1949
Regarding pro's coming into different regions than their own muffingawd muffingawd 0 1556
Who Loves TSM? Sgt Brixton Fatum Satanas 2 1841
Combined modes KO competition Gohnaku Gohnaku 0 1580
6 man Fantasy league! LOLYOUMADBR0 kyuukyuu 2 1955
Looking for Houston (or texas) based summoners to join a team Vivicide Tombis 1 1885
EDG dominates OMG to qualify for the Intel Extreme Masters Shenzhen Kappakuma Kappakuma 0 1592
Afk's in ranked Loggiebear Loggiebear 0 1566
Korean players in Chinese League of Legends teams: management says yes, fans say no Kappakuma Kappakuma 0 1628
Season 4 Division/Tier Jobs and Coaching (Done by 2300+ Player's) Aravelwin Aravelwin 0 1530
E-Sports Events in Canada Joink Joink 3 2760
http://www.twitch.tv/flycow flycow flycow 6 1635
Team Curse Summer split Analysis Charts! DominicanFury DominicanFury 0 1682
Purple Side Eskimoƒo Eskimoƒo 0 1661
NA LCS Regionals Ulfvald RoN1N 141 4 2873
. Charrend Charrend 0 1344
Season 4 - World Championship 2014 Memoirs Memoirs 2 4042
The Intel Extreme Masters starts in China next week. No Royal Club and no inSec. Kappakuma Kappakuma 0 1425
http://www.twitch.tv/flycow flycow flycow 3 1415
Kog'Maw in the LCS Gato Amarillo Kobles 2 1727
Fantasy League Past Scores Snaaxx Snaaxx 0 1475
The road to the League of Legends Season 4 World Championships Kappakuma Kappakuma 0 1549
Found a cool LCS like viewers livestream for newer players SKT Fakers Son SKT Fakers Son 0 1402
New Generations Gaming Looking for Shoutcasters!  ( 1 2 3 ) NGG Blind Spiral NGG Blind Spiral 25 5575
NA chance for World Championship ShinyLeopard Flans 2 1582
How about a App for esports? DruwitheclU DruwitheclU 0 1486
LoL Esports Updates. ATLG Ares ATLG Ares 0 1405
Support Streamer teaching as I play (Silver) iamvirii iamvirii 1 1375
Monitor used in LCS? Elfyelf McFlailin 1 2881
Join My Fantasy head off Slapow Slapow 0 1381
N.I.P current lineup? Hinro Honato Hinro Honato 0 1493
can you get demoted at division 5 cboyt mpgs00 7 14280
LCS a patch late TylerxKoolaid TylerxKoolaid 0 1459
Gamers2, NiP, SK Gaming Prime & more in FACEIT Challenger Invitational Shayedd Shayedd 0 1699
how would a team get into the world championships MrMegapokemasta JavaScotch 1 1668
oldest pro gamer? knightfall777 Blood Fire Death 9 13152
LCS Tournament Levik Smart Kitty 1 1756
Team Ban Karma: Why did they pick this name? Anybody know? Willbo Willbo 0 1678
NA Female Host Application Possible? Narzz Narzz 0 1576
Doublelift is "#1 ADC in the US", Shook is "a very young teenage boy", and more gold Kappakuma Kappakuma 0 1490
Jungling Meta jonathan sicari jonathan sicari 2 1596
Skin in ranked queue Thatsecret sharp fork2 1 1524
Join my league lol Geezerpunk1 Geezerpunk1 0 1416
Box score error for SHC vs SK CurrrBell Smart Kitty 4 1362
Join LCS Fantasy Team 6 Dinosario Dinosario 8 2395
LCS fantasy thread Thebombisthebomb ZeroVIzard 3 1663