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Looking for Top and Jungle M3RK3R13 M3RK3R13 0 1017
Fantasy LCS Live Score Update MissCupcakie MissCupcakie 0 1191
Surrendering in Ranked Games Syncline Syncline 0 1073
Locodoco's Master Plan hypermonkieboi hypermonkieboi 0 1090
LF a support that will play normals with me as i get better at adc Appoe Appoe 0 1005
Kickstarter for large scale Tournaments in Canada Joink Joink 0 1036
SkyLimite Sponsoring a Team Lijieplaysgames Lijieplaysgames 0 970
Rumor: China's OMG is establishing an all-female team Kappakuma His Mortal Souul 1 1208
Duo Q with Jesus Road to Gold  ( 1 2 ) Necron99 Necron99 16 1524
Anti-Korean sentiment rises as Chinese fans call World Elite “crossbred dog team". Kappakuma Kappakuma 0 933
10$ RP Giveaway every 25 followers! W8 Soul W8 Soul 0 940
Quality of the Community in LOL for RIOT Deiko Deiko 0 882
Tsm lustboy DhydraBlade DhydraBlade 0 1004
Collegiate e-sports the0kid Clisis 1 1660
Professional Shoutcaster looking for Events  ( 1 2 3 ... 6 ) Clisis Clisis 54 6999
Want to watch diamond 4 mid main stream solo que xxsnipinatorxx xxsnipinatorxx 0 866
Starting fantasy league! LOLYOUMADBR0 LOLYOUMADBR0 1 938
Foreign League Events BlazzedKakashi BlazzedKakashi 0 883
Join a fantasy league sans francisco sans francisco 6 1225
Ever wonder what a Diamond ranked team sounds like? xxsnipinatorxx xxsnipinatorxx 0 886
Nooooo... Sforces Sforces 0 848
Free Swag? My Big Pomelos My Big Pomelos 0 1058
Hearts ache over "warehouse-like" training environment for China's Xiyang Kappakuma Kappakuma 0 991
Another match in the Challenger Series affected by DDoS L4dy Lilith behemo7h 3 3169
Season 5 LCS Ideas PrivatePoison Ironwill 1 1663
World Elite reveals third League of Legends team Kappakuma Kappakuma 0 956
Suggestion that would lead to more diverse champions being played. BossTuggles BossTuggles 0 947
Are you interested in working in eSports? CardboardTable Aleirri 2 5157
Gamer reviews wanted Mixtizo Mixtizo 0 1314
S4 Division/Tier Jobs and Coaching (Done by 2300+ Player's) CaiZor CaiZor 0 1393
Tabe very possibly coming out of retirement Kappakuma Kappakuma 0 1490
We created a new daily fantasy game. Help beta test the site and win prizes! ProtPlays ProtPlays 0 1437
Why does difference region have difference number of team going to world TEaS Faker TEaS Faker 0 1403
NA LCS Bracket Increase. thisisntasmurf42 thisisntasmurf42 2 1654
Either Looking for Team, or being recruited into one Scythesteel Scythesteel 0 1344
How long and new Team? Snakee Snakee 0 1406
The top 5 teams of China's LSPL (Secondary Pro League) Kappakuma Kappakuma 0 1498
elo hell is real? NuRoniic NuRoniic 2 1574
Main jungle or ADC? CashingStacks CashingStacks 0 1413
We need announcements about events before they're sold out! (Pax Prime) Screamheart Screamheart 0 1335
looking for bronze account with champ riven MyStiiCxPenguin MyStiiCxPenguin 0 1413
my take on the LCS what yall think ? killakiru killakiru 0 1412
Summoning Insight Discussion TheOGKiggles TheOGKiggles 0 1399
Looking for a silver or gold adc main to lane with Senpai Mechanics Senpai Mechanics 0 1466
Esports Tournaments and Prizes Pen 1sland Pen 1sland 0 1478
How do you CS better?  ( 1 2 ) jkaplannig ColorLock 12 29752
Denver Competitive Opportunity! ongames ongames 0 1469
Watching LCS Feedback AsianInsanity AsianInsanity 0 1522
Fansty League, Join Mine! Rellex2012 Rellex2012 0 1537
Looking for a platinum duo partner Brister Brister 0 1502