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CLG Fantasy Points ArashiG Kitty Amazing 5 1725
Need gold+ Players to help with provisionals! PappaSmurf23 PappaSmurf23 0 1247
I made a website for in-depth analysis of competitive lol. I need content creators Old Uncle Eli Old Uncle Eli 0 1690
Riot: The Greatest Thing You Could Ever Do for Your Profits Justice Bringrrr Justice Bringrrr 0 1185
Anyone going to the game on Aug. 2 and 3? Saccharin Saccharin 0 1156
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Chaox or Altec in flex? Hydrolysis Hydrolysis 0 1141
A way to spice up the LCS? Gacku xylezx 5 2639
Info/My Take on Worlds SummonerSquid SummonerSquid 0 1091
What are Chinese fans calling Invictus Gaming now? iGay. Kappakuma Kappakuma 0 1138
Why does Korea get a free pass on LCS rules? STK Enigma STK Enigma 0 1180
@Community @RiotGames Can someone please explain the whole LMQ thing to me? Arctic Wolf MidasRegality 3 1502
idea for next years LCS, rivalry week Wrath of Kon Wrath of Kon 0 1035
Whats the techno music played during the highlights in OGN SwiftNinja MidasRegality 1 1282
Fantasy LCS Strategy Blog  ( 1 2 3 ... 5 ) Vande Kamp Smart Kitty 42 10571
Can the add/drops be unlocked for NA LCS players only in the fantasy league? Max465 Medesthai 1 1206
I'm new and want to start with eSports SI Fallen SI Fallen 3 1408
Quas's Pause hypermonkieboi Traxtin 1 1402
Riot, please do something about Sharon Li! Kaisky Traxtin 6 1598
LCS Champion Select Music PkmTrainerXmas lemonbelly 1 3187
I want to gift River Spirit Nami to Superrrman Arvana69 Arvana69 6 5025
Recruiting Teams For the NA Amateur LCS SensiblePunk SensiblePunk 0 1218
TSM vs. Team Dignitas for my Fantasy team... CrescentBlue CrescentBlue 0 1008
CLG vs CRS and C9 vs LMQ Match Analysis/Summary Sedatedsoul Sedatedsoul 0 1098
How are teams chosen for the Challenger Series? STK Enigma STK Enigma 0 1086
Dota 2 on ESPN Thorvante5 Wrath of Kon 4 3010
Weekly Prized Tournaments & Give-aways darkorpse darkorpse 1 1336
Clg=indiana pacers GOATgoinHAM GOATgoinHAM 0 1069
LMQ Fantasy points PoisonFyre PoisonFyre 0 1041
Alliance vs Copenhagen Wolves Match Analysis/Summary Sedatedsoul Sedatedsoul 0 1087
Looking to buy tickets to August 3rd LCS PRDX PRDX 0 1071
Ex D5 Player back from retirement. Need Team. Fv Pharaoh Fv Pharaoh 3 1191
Fantasy LCS RaZeRXtRa RaZeRXtRa 0 983
Need a shoutcaster for your event? 1NutW0nder 1NutW0nder 3 2602
Want to watch a diamond ranked team play? xxsnipinatorxx xxsnipinatorxx 0 1025
[LCS Concept] - Super Week Prize Ayeika Ayeika 0 1021
LF a Manager Zulu Thaikid Christ of Greed 3 1138
Why pick 1 Crit Chance Rune?  ( 1 2 3 ... 5 ) DustOnTheCeiling TheGreatJordeeen 43 21398
Did SHC beat Gambit? OddGreybush OddGreybush 0 980
Want to watch diamond 4 mid main stream solo que xxsnipinatorxx xxsnipinatorxx 0 1015