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LCS Music List Ashigak Stupot 2 597
Why not show replay of game winning play??? Doctor42Who Doctor42Who 0 127
What role would you main if you wanted to make it big? CashingStacks Stupot 1 138
LOL champseries youtube help leaguekonig leaguekonig 0 89
Teemo must see!!!! NB Stealthjonny NB Stealthjonny 0 116
People for the ethical treatment of wards FKZ Oofus FKZ Oofus 0 170
Who is the best support player in the world? StronkShot TheOneTrueHam 2 971
My Predictions Daedalaus Stupot 1 164
Clamped =*( Zagdul StronkShot 2 196
Skt out of worlds Pitolo Stupot 1 310
RIP Skt K Sforces Stupot 1 265
First Time At Pax Prime - Help! TehWori TehWori 1 2638
Nunu Hype louis3333 Swift Hikari 2 316
Potential 2015 NA and EU LCS Format Winterborn Winterborn 0 1198
The reason why Riot can't limit the player the play one champ per series hypermonkieboi TheOneTrueHam 1 264
GameSync eSports Team KyloStartune OverlyAwesome 1 719
Competitive High School League grayhorn grayhorn 6 286
Team NOSTAlJlN open tryouts, challenger circut team in need of D1+ mid TheP0NA TheP0NA 0 165
SKT T1 vs Samsung White videos MIA? Dellusional Zen Dellusional Zen 0 285
What League of Legends Professional teams are missing: Practice squads Wrath of Kon Wrath of Kon 0 230
WANTED: League Staff Forgotten031511 Forgotten031511 0 215
League of Legends Championship Finals ShootingFire ShootingFire 0 167
Riot Please Prevent Spoilers on YouTube ScotchGuard ScotchGuard 0 168
TSM vs. CLG finale (possibly) ZachDaGallant iamghandi 2 1241
How exactly do ogn regionals work? TSP Oracle TheOneTrueHam 2 387
The hate for LMQ is so unjustified  ( 1 2 3 ... 8 ) barfyook Korynth 74 15810
when is the TSM vs Dig game today:???? Orphand Orphand 0 292
Lolesports.com is embarrassing Tbird hypermonkieboi 3 1121
Dragon & Baron League (Grind Gaming eSports) GG Marco GG Marco 3 988
Are NA LCS Finals Tickets Available? tinylizard tinylizard 0 245
I live in Japan, can I go to worlds? Please help Gaikakujin Zukolo 3 1231
Please... common sens on your schedule RIOT JohnCobra JohnCobra 0 317
Best jungler in the world? WomboWin Chinese Arts 5 1899
HkeSports Tournament - iG, AHQ, yoeFW, HKA Mage DexVitality DexVitality 0 609
When the next game starts? JohnCobra JohnCobra 0 359
Solo Entry Tournaments Sully420 Mannymcdude 1 925
A video to introduce new people to LoL Esports AmlethSnare TheOneTrueHam 1 685
Silver 3 Mid/Supp LF duo Queue PappaSmurf23 PappaSmurf23 0 529
2014 World's tickets Whispers Whispers 1 671
Does anyone feel like LMQ is a 4th team for China? Iandidas Stupot 1 666
Cloud 9 vs Alliance Stupot Stupot 2 1278
Catchpenny - Plat support streaming for St. Judes! WOW BUTT BLASTED WOW BUTT BLASTED 0 527
SK Telecom T1 K  ( 1 2 ) Stupot Stupot 13 2811
Will SKT T1 K be able to go to worlds this year? FourPixels Tbird 4 1277
LF Duo Queue PappaSmurf23 PappaSmurf23 0 625
EU LCS playoff scheduling way2lazy Korynth 4 1111
If Summer Split playoffs are what get NA and EU Qualified for worlds then..... MLGTemper Stupot 8 1875
Hide Spoilers on Past Games Sorderon Stupot 1 1023
So these EU playoffs and the patch VictimEN Stupot 1 864
International Wild Card Finals om nom chomsky TheOneTrueHam 2 1149