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Team looking for a jungler Grgi Grgi 2 166
5v5 ranked teams Amérak Amérak 3 336
LCS Rankings matrinox matrinox 2 458
Diamond Ranked 5s Streaming Live Now! Obs RecklessPeon Obs RecklessPeon 0 135
I just got 2 LP for winning a ranked? pavlicdyshko Selcopa 1 199
This is still a problem and something NEEDS to be done RelaxItsDota pavlicdyshko 8 287
Current Platinum Player looking for Ranked Team DeepInsideYou DeepInsideYou 0 156
This is ridiculous Mathiaskul JonesDrew 2 199
TowerDiveTV is looking for new casters! Azaraki Dragon Azaraki Dragon 6 431
LF jungler and Top for our ranked Sallsy Sallsy 0 156
they get it, why dont we? unhai Aebrams 5 263
Can NA Teams Beat EU and Asian Teams and Why?  ( 1 2 ) Oppress0r Thrawnmich 13 1935
Div 1 is really starting to piss me off. FoliagedPegasus iRequiem 7 403
surrender is a bad feature. Valnor Veers358 1 203
Solo/duo ranked is broken PiMpMaStErGoD Arikron 4 333
Looking for DUO partner PureAlchemy PureAlchemy 0 176
ELO Hell Is Stronger now  ( 1 2 3 ) eabe eabe 28 2588
Do ranked games currently for LP gain/loss? dKtiGERR dKtiGERR 0 201
No LP for win QuiKi QuiKi 0 172
Do i gain less LP as I play more games? pavlicdyshko pavlicdyshko 0 232
Need more bans. Blix Glamdring Blix Glamdring 0 175
Alright riot.... Legacy Draxon CorruptedChaos 7 278
LCS Music? WMGTea WMGTea 0 550
How to gain elo w/ Mrs ScYx17 JanSoriHajima JanSoriHajima 0 347
The more you play the higher your rank?  ( 1 2 3 ) Mar0arders Selcopa 24 983
[Interview] EG.Wickd and EG.Krepo break down weeks 1-4 of LCS Vallanyr Vallanyr 0 291
Promotion series needs 1 important thing Artillarist halfpastzero 1 204
TSM vs. Vulcan (SPOILERS) Drewbiiee Drewbiiee 0 326
TSM vs. MRN (SPOILERS) Drewbiiee Doobie1 1 190
pantheon...can he hang in serious play? Rowlland Xenomancers 9 10074
Keeping Us Down sepetaiya Maxelmusic 4 455
A New Ban Pick Format! TheGrot TheGrot 0 221
Why is there all these dc in game and no lost prevented. Whiro69 Thelohel 1 163
Nothing fixed Bobthecruel Bobthecruel 0 152
Show Champion Selections! (lolesports website) Kildyu71 Kildyu71 0 411
Shout out to the AP yi that told me to get carried, and hecarim was a worthless champ SeptikAydz Raiko Yaseisura 7 429
Gold support LF Smart Gold ADC Gonchon A i i z o N 2 251
screw you riot Kaethor Mar0arders 3 214
Requesting 1 minor change to the LCS "Hide Spoilers" feature Dooickouski Andrastos 2 362
how to help teamates in ranked when they arent able to sustain in lane? Nanda815 Nanda815 0 140
after 2 years. i'm done with the new system  ( 1 2 ) Loli Chef Brenxx 12 997
Need help finding a certain game. GiantNickDigga I Barricade I 2 281
ISO Gold V or Silver I ADC TooLegitToQuit TooLegitToQuit 0 186
What is up with all the attack speed Glyphs I see on peoples profiles? pavlicdyshko I Barricade I 3 917
Crs Vs Dig reset Death will follo Death will follo 0 138
Question/complaint about LP gain/loss and demotions Lachie 1 Kaethor 1 129
Does anyone else around Gold 3 Div think the new ranked system is awful? Brenxx Legacy Draxon 1 204
LF Plat+ team HunterHagen HunterHagen 0 124
Spoiler tags don't help when you still show the team's record. Qualmarath Tál 1 451
Demotion because of AFK Tál Tál 0 156