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Really looking to play SOLO top for a team. Wasted by Wasted 0 158
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Tournament Form Xerthi by Xerthi 0 228
scarra or other good streams/videos NatNerv by NatNerv 0 198
LF Jungle and Adc for ranked 5s team OhHaiVegA by OhHaiVegA 0 228
[1 Trick Pony]-[LF 3 Players 1300/1400 ELO]-[Ranked 5v5, New Strats] Zertryx by Zertryx 0 365
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My guide on leaving ELO hell Long n Lean by DJ soc BJ 2 472
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Did TSM drop out of week 3 of the SoloMid Series? iEpic by iEpic 1 370
Tournament Codes M4357R0 by M4357R0 0 494
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Plat player looking for team (any role) Riley331 by Riley331 1 336
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[ Quantum Booter | UDP/RUDY/SSYN/ARME/UDP-Lag |Affordable & Powerful | Instant ] bryt by bryt 0 3,403
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everybody hates everybody FaydeStep by FaydeStep 0 234
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NA team looking for Jungler for S3 Ranked 5s Uberherpderp by Elektobuz II 2 439
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2600+ Elo Streaming vs. Toyz from TPA TheDeadSpeaker by LightKerosene 1 658
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Mid/Top LF ranked 5's team n3zxor by JediJemar 7 664
1370 Elo Player looking for partner to raise 130 Elo now(Great Record, Great Teammate Loli Chef by Loli Chef 0 537
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Top/Mid/ADC 1400 elo Looking for team Sinronie by Sinronie 0 221
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Looking for a 5's team. Wasted by Wasted 0 204