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Sticky Thread Prized Event FAQ RiotTiza by RiotTiza 0 Riot Post 95,441
Sticky Thread Welcome to the Competitive Events Forum RiotTiza by RiotTiza 0 Riot Post 66,707 Summoner Showdown #2 (5v5 Tournament) Boats by Boats 9 832 Summoner Showdown 5v5 Tournament (Cash Prizes) Boats by Boats 9 1,327 Summoner Showdown Tournament Boats by Boats 7 711 tournament this weekend! aviraaaa by aviraaaa 0 256
Anti Meta 1v1 Open Tournament $10 RP Giveaway kmancool by kmancool 0 286
Anti Meta's Monthly 5v5 Tournament! MissMelis by MissMelis 0 350
AntiMeta Draft at 8:00 EST Valkerix by Valkerix 0 1,078
AntiMeta's Monthly 5v5 Open Tournament Kasche by Kasche 2 309
Any 1 night 5v5 tournaments? Eleven13 by Eleven13 0 336
Any 1v1 tournaments I can join this weekend? TwilightSparkley by TwilightSparkley 0 219
Any bronze teams want to scrim Mattman33 by rippinlipz 2 2,703
Any CT or North East US. Tourneys? Shrefie by Shrefie 0 178
Any Gold teams think they can win this tournament? HtUnity by HtUnity 0 1,089
Any LAN tournaments in southern California Captain Cuzko by Chipy 2 858
Any LANs/Tourneys in Calgary ? ILazitek by Peace Alien 1 829
Any lower level (20+) players want to play together? Maybe start a 5v5 team Jabooty BEAST by Jabooty BEAST 0 159
Any team looking to scrim against a silver/gold team! contact me! XeionX by XeionX 0 174
Any upcoming big Lan tournaments? Kenny G K by Kenny G K 0 230
any WA players want to go to a LAN tournament add me I SPEED I by I SPEED I 0 339
Anyone around Fullerton is wanted! DarkHavenIV by Nikels 1 495
Anyone from San Diego going to the Finals? lpGGl DerSlap by lpGGl DerSlap 0 265
Anyone interested in an NYC LAN tournament? btway by Pnr Virral 4 1,044
Anyone know what teams are going to the playoffs? Shaneke by DontSweatTT 1 938
Anyone looking for an amateur shoutcastor? Narcixxixtic by Feelsbad94 3 384
Anyone need a diamond ADC / TOP for Tournies omgYeKiM by omgYeKiM 0 156
Anyone need a solid Mid or Adc? Around 1200 elo. Killvious by Killvious 0 695
Anyone play near Nashville, TN? Stamina by Stamina 0 183
anyone wanna play alienware tourny? YPYN Perubajew by YPYN Perubajew 0 1,054
Anyone want to be in a 5v5 team, we will be entering tourneys!   ( 1 2) SkyVort by Crap Support NA 16 1,374
Anyone want to cast our tournament this Saturday? Loammi by Loammi 0 447
Anyone welcome DarkhorsedDota by vulcananus 1 233
Anything but jungle 5v5 Ranked player LFG Ethlo by Ethlo 0 587
Ap carry looking... sickwithit by DontSweatTT 1 408
Apollo 5 looking for a dedicated bot lane Havoc Struggle by AsDaylightRises 8 2,497
Apply For Wazaaman Amatuer League Tournament! wazaaman by wazaaman 2 815
Apply For Wazaaman Amatuer League Tournament!   ( 1 2) wazaaman by Hackalift 10 6,420
April 13th - Upcoming tournament for Connecticut area players colesauce22 by colesauce22 0 525
ARAM - 5v5 Online Tourney! MiminiMurderBridge!ô Mimini by Mimini 0 968
ARAM Tournament - NA - $700 Prize Pool   ( 1 2) Crs LiQuiD112 by ALLMIGHTYSHALLAH 12 5,966
ARAM TOURNAMENT 10$ RP @ 7pm PST Drogon IV by Drogon IV 0 1,144
Aram tournament 10$ rp @7 pm pst Drogon IV by Drogon IV 0 635
ARAM TOURNAMENT 2x 10$ RP @ 7PM PST Drogon IV by Drogon IV 0 633
ARAM Tournament Finale (live) Roob Muh Nek by Roob Muh Nek 0 360
ARAM Tourney On Stream With Prizes! Playboybunnie by Playboybunnie 8 644
ARAM Tourney On Stream With Prizes! Playboybunnie by Playboybunnie 0 301
ARAM Ultimate Bravery Tournament Sign Up. Free to participate lonesome killer by lonesome killer 5 1,259
Are High Schools allowed to apply for Prized Events? OMGitstheChicken by NVe Price 1 657
Are there tournaments held on Sundays? Koobles by Captain Bagels 1 222
Are they even playing Group A today? Comedy Routine by Comedy Routine 0 924
Are you ready to ENTER THE DRAGON? Pastrytime by Pastrytime 0 955