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Runes costing nothing? (Pictures inside) BideliaTrahern by BideliaTrahern 9 Riot Post 2,476
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Darius Noxian Guillotine bug The Black Knght by Khalahn 9 416
Morgana ultimate bug Nyrr by Lady Septimus 9 Riot Post 1,463
This is so ridicolous it has to be a bug Kyu Ryu by splitalterego 9 476
Store Bug rr by ArlanKels 9 599
Lag of any skills elise's patch. Candyp by PeRGaMoS 9 863
my client crushed after game start. Siva Yuga by HesusChristo 9 232
Huuuuuge memory leak. Cresend by Cresend 9 4,107
Veigar Skin Not Showing Particles Baughwssery by Baughwssery 9 291
Bug- Mouse speed stuck on lowest setting Fugglenuts by hailmist 9 280
I'm going to keep reporting this until I get a reply. Attack Move Click bug= feeding BideliaTrahern by NOOBKILLER2000 9 432
Bug While "Summoning" the Champs Bo6a6 by Bo6a6 9 507
Reconnect to game? Velnarg by Hyperion Terror 9 180
my game is glitched please remove me from game ~~~ XGougou by Varynicehowmuch 9 317
"Reconnecting" to a game I was never in? Cryptikha by Cryptikha 9 236
Master Yi Problems - Q and R Issues PoopSlapped by Ggnyr 9 869
Annie unable to level her ult. Weebles Wobbles by arcie 9 Riot Post 1,567
Can't start LoL after new patch Murdoch by Murdoch 9 447
Invisible Mundo Cleavers and other projectiles on proving grounds ShadeOfRed by TheMountin 9 332
Log in bug ThatsFresh by ThatsFresh 9 Riot Post 729
Can not reconnet LeoSnAkE by zavo 9 316
connections after champ select jentaru by jentaru 9 317
black login and main page BigMD by S3b1gut 9 Riot Post 1,304
Fiora Ult Cancled when Graves Smokescreens in a bush YSRS by YSRS 9 532
Refund Bug CrazyPineapple5 by BLIMPUS SPARTIU5 9 1,239
Bug - Soulsight Lamp Recipe Isdelth by Isdelth 9 255
Prepaid cards Redd6931 by LordCell 9 264
Annoying bug with borderless windowed mode Tieriz by Rockaqt 9 Riot Post 1,115
Syndra acting oddly today Alekt by Alekt 9 219
Abnormal animation bug/glitch (Unplayable in competitive games) Silent Within by Silent Within 9 534
"Unable to connect to server" Stuck in a finished game Soundb by Osearic 9 1,286
Master Yi Bug dakstab1111 by windwhispers 9 266
Lux ult OP - Hit box issue VK Sora by VK Sora 9 477
Is something wrong with the client DBZ Raiden by xuois 9 321
Says I'm in a game, but I'm really not. T1M TEBOW by Kolcodester 9 1,436
Custom Games Don't Display Wins Shadow of Zenith by k463 9 632
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CRASH before loading screen ALWAYS!! aisei by Bolmung12 9 1,708
Account Stuck on Reconnect Brycerras by mcspaddin 9 751