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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 70) Dannamoth by Levora 694 Riot Post 221,907
Children of the Grave vs. Chrono Shift Deadly Paradox by Spineless 9 250
Ashe's volley doing 1.7k damage BORF by BORF 9 Riot Post 923
Blind doesn't effect ezreal's Q spell Clan TMG by fruitie 9 2,323
Majorly gay Pantheon ult exploit Dragonien by RyanLaughlin 9 Riot Post 694
Bug Splat error ROFL... extendlol by extendlol 9 277
crashing when buying Krytos by icheatonclient 9 340
5v5 fail to connect to server Bormz by robcerm 9 405
NUNU ult halfNakedNinja by Vandar 9 Riot Post 595
Game won't start after champ select AphoticFlash by FlyingLionZ98 9 1,120
The Whole Terrain and Effects were gone DyeLo by DyeLo 9 Riot Post 786
Kat's Death Lotus does NO DAMAGE Gambit EK by Gambit EK 9 345
The queue won't let anyone go in Tiffanys by Tyaeth 9 Riot Post 496
Cho's Feast Senyo by b0red 9 327
Chat Servers dropping everyone all day The God Ghetto Holy by A H Legend 9 511
Garen's Judgment + stuns Deadyet by Stwarlord 9 Riot Post 720
ChoīGatīs feast. Kultra by Lander The Buff 9 323
Splash damage vs. invisible Berzul by Icy Mage 9 490
Backdooring, Really? Allein by QC Sniper 9 357
Pantheon Xcessiv by Fbsunny 9 Riot Post 532
Sound through fog of war Sphinx001 by Pselpz 9 Riot Post 300
Katarina's Killer Instinct Passive bug? The Unhealer by AzNisPolly 9 509
Bug with Parrrley AeonMax by AeonMax 9 Riot Post 362
Riot needs to stop loldrop, this is outrageous PIurality by ChaosDarkPrince 9 464
Sheen description in inventory Bomb in lasagna by aRcKuS 9 203
Attempting to reconnect is BS Gablesmath by Karn Bishop 9 303
Sivir`s Spell Shield Tenshiro by Tenshiro 9 Riot Post 299
BLACK Screen of DOOM Will Oak by Kuthelan 9 380
Freezing after buying Beleraphon by VeigarTheHorrible 9 Riot Post 390
Morgana spell immune papoutsi by RGP50 9 253
Unable to Update xTofu by Fr05tbite 9 1,114
Launcher Launcher PROBLEM!!! HElP! itungle by Darkhide 9 699
Cho and Alistar wittywitt by Polephemeus 9 Riot Post 541
Friend list dedewu96302 by VanGuard567 9 Riot Post 523
game lost. game over. but the bugged client/server tells me it is in progress. ReD AnimaL WaR by Zeefire 9 Riot Post 402
Conection error Karaslavov by Pselpz 9 384
Volibear E vs Neutral Camps bugged? Xtasy by msgerbs 9 Riot Post 2,507
RIDICULOUS BUG!!!! or maybe a hacker? Mullup by CaptenAmazing 9 391
Arranged team play (Normal game) Aiden Dell by Pissfer 9 429
Chogath Feast bug theGdude by NipponIchi 9 268
Kayle Ult Casting WizardAntechu by Skimchi 9 Riot Post 972
Unbale to connect to the server, firewall bs would you try to retry connection Jobraham by Errodu 9 350
Incredible LAG Tenshiro by Tenshiro 9 Riot Post 664
Game wont start Nigtron by Drunkenbull26 9 567
Matchmaking Fail for a couple of weeks now... CookiesFTW by CarrotPie 9 287
Garen Passive issue Doomsquad by xSunTzu 9 224
LOSS FORGIVEN (Please Read) SirHex by Kejmur 9 215
Bug - Series of Syndra Spell Bugs Goofay by Stray Falcon 9 664
Sivir Spell Shield Torlakk by Torlakk 9 Riot Post 422
Tristana's Buster Shot AeonMax by PhailRaptor 9 286
BUG - Minions autotarget ForTehAnarchy by YoshioPeePee 9 Riot Post 956