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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug  ( 1 2 3 ... 70 ) Dannamoth Levora 694
Riot Post
so my computer got hackd and sht off bigd3an Xploitation 2 85
Fiddlesticks Fear Doesn't Cast commandr3w Tommy Two Times 8 342
Invisible Baron Bug iKoolKoala iKoolKoala 0 79
Stealth Bug Destruktore Corrupt Zamy 2 123
Sightstone bug Raphael JR Kathash 1 157
Runes with Wrong Descriptions Newton Vitas Newton Vitas 0 60
bug with j4 and maybe panth Crs Sushi Crs Sushi 0 100
Tryndamere dying during ultimate AznSneakyFellow AznSneakyFellow 0 119
I cant see my whole Jarvan Warring Kingdom skin darkboy2841 darkboy2841 0 90
Blitz grab bug Runnemover Adam D Smith 2 314
Refreshing chat ban SirRajbhandari SirRajbhandari 0 73
Olaf's Q freezes client Profectional Profectional 0 68
Xerath q when silenced lowhobo lowhobo 0 73
Syndra: Force of Will Bug Suiaerl Suiaerl 0 77
akali ult animation bug xXCreepyCatXx NekoNightstalker 2 168
Bug - Sion's Cryptic Gaze Ligwin Ligwin 0 93
@Riot a couple bugs Sax Man 10 Dex Rydell 1 132
Team Builder expected times way off Dex Rydell Dex Rydell 0 82
Game end invincibility not giving effect 0x3e7865636f6e3c 0x3e7865636f6e3c 2 166
Technical oversight: can't exit Masteries in TeamBuilder DeadlyQuestion DeadlyQuestion 0 99
corpse bouncing Super Protoman Super Protoman 0 80
Missing Game Plasams Plasams 0 120
Vi unable to Q TheEmperorElf a dumb cat 2 270
Gnar visual bug Timefold Timefold 0 109
Neon Strike Vi Recall Bug death hunter77 death hunter77 0 139
bug fix needed TankyPiGgYYYYYYY TankyPiGgYYYYYYY 0 120
Blitz Bug sargentleftnut sargentleftnut 0 127
What cheap servers Elusiven Elusiven 1 181
Free Champion Rotation Bug? Log Dweller Log Dweller 0 168
Amumu Q Stops camps from attacking you Is in love with Is in love with 0 126
not connecting WTWacko Jzcooldude 4 311
Rito please fix the black screen after champ select! Astronaut13 Jzcooldude 3 317
Katarina Smart Cast With Range Indicators Not Shunpo-ing to Correct Target SenorTaquito SenorTaquito 0 185
My game blackscreens after champion select ona mac TyrantSalad Jzcooldude 1 154
BLack screen when loading into game (Mac) Jzcooldude Jzcooldude 0 159
Rengar Bug on Crystal Scar OC traviii OC traviii 0 122
Riot fails again...  ( 1 2 ) Gooooober Gooooober 18 767
Warwick w not activating Levon the cat IIJungle bornII 1 215
Refund Hyrda Back to Tiamat Causes Tiamt to not be able to activate ryanprasad123 ryanprasad123 0 121
Reconnecting to game that is already over Tidlz xXAZZERx 6 696
Game abandon bug xXAZZERx xXAZZERx 0 122
Can't play any new games. PathfinderTare PathfinderTare 0 152
Viewing Stats Game Crash, Relog Wants Reconnect? KnightNohbodi Extrokold 1 137
Akali N Tristana Glitch Block Gamer Block Gamer 0 131
Servers not working? WizardMarksman gloomyMoron 4 163
Gnar Boomerang Poop Hole Pirate Poop Hole Pirate 2 164
Darius killing with ult awinn94 awinn94 0 120
Irelia can't E, Q, then W. LongArmLugh LongArmLugh 0 145
Cant Log in Game Naidon2 Naidon2 0 124