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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 69) Dannamoth by Won Hung Lo 687 Riot Post 210,856
Got a leave even though it hadn't been 5 minutes Icekind by Icekind 7 136
Statikk Shiv&Blade of the Ruined King have no effect on clone Daymaree by blutschaufel 7 591
Can't Load a game with Nami in it, Bug Splat! Kelnack by Icosahedron 7 Riot Post 1,152
Cant login ????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vamprrr by 360trickflip180 7 131
Kassadin R + E Bugged Again pToowey by Dragon Striker9 7 384
[Gold on Assists] Recieving only 40 MAX gold on Assists MaxTheMadd by Xofrevihs 7 Riot Post 1,000
Vi's ult canceled vs Fizz trickster EviIGreenRanger by Rennihe 7 4,579
Friends List Wiped? Bossicus by Aregionius 7 301
Pulsefire skin csing bug still there Lucas Fero by OakSpace 7 Riot Post 1,353
Buying new Champions Surinach by ChainHerpes 7 360
Whole team was disconnected.... Athene2hard by Athene2hard 7 490
Furor Boots DVAvailable by blah12321blah 7 Riot Post 1,261
Fizz bugs on ultimate and E Fisherman Fizz by Wigger Magic 7 961
Intermediate Bot Hax Evarelia by Evarelia 7 545
12/9/12 6:53PM Constant Disconnects TMI Yourcolor by Greatwon 7 310
Lags and low FPS the last patch has it all blck3on by Cheesebeard 7 760
Random flashing blue light on Summoner's Rift BideliaTrahern by YellowHam 7 595
Zyra bug with plants Luc´us by FlowASR 7 696
[Stuck] Stuck after champion select.. BlackPot by yoybot 7 627
Skins bought unusable bug TR VÝreas Gotach by Chasing Ghosts 7 460
IP Bug. Cant buy anything!!! CraZyJaVieR by DelayNoMoreeee 7 464
I bought 2 tarics. Sins OG by Galgus 7 Riot Post 867
Frequent BSOD on TT Henry Plainview by j kar 7 Riot Post 808
Crystalline Flask not activating? Blaine Tog by MidnightLuxray 7 580
Loading screen and game have glitched graphics 1/2 the time pinkfloyd188 by pinkfloyd188 7 659
Store did not charge me any Rp for Name Change The Man by FeIron54 7 342
Account Stuck in a False Game Custom Games by TheLemoNSkuNk 7 265
Zyra' plant not attacking? Kendono by ChronoNitros 7 Riot Post 819
No Ult Annie Zerrif by zuguz 7 Riot Post 970
@Riot about the XMPP spam that happened to Phreak and Man Dinh Encoding by FourthLegion 7 Riot Post 1,036
Karma Is A ... Tyra Wadman by Tyra Wadman 7 504
Gifting RP StormX38 by Cation 7 832
Invisible Interface problems RoricX by Wytsfs 7 836
Timer when I didn't leave Chokepoiint by Chokepoiint 7 147
Shop Highlight Items I Can't Buy Xanthus730 by kidwithhouse 7 591
Snowdown summoner icons still missing. Cacastrophic by Maga1212 7 1,346
Kassadin Riftwalk bug Tyko by Tyko 7 380
Riot, fix your game. Zapfloch by AntiDarkness 7 421
Rengar's ultimate bug GuLeX by GuLeX 7 590
Aegis/Bulwark and Banner of Command feedback/bugs Astral Yorae by Korentoth 7 562
Bug - Rengar versus Kha'Zix Mini-quest Not Appearing Osearic by TurtleRush 7 764
Lucent Singularity Missing Center Orb of Light KevinDelMarr by kicknikuku 7 Riot Post 462
store bug chaosseed by Gloomy Blood 7 235
zyra's passive Jul323 by Vonriel 7 Riot Post 1,550
Out of game. Still in game error Crono Truce by Prothios 7 326
Koi Nami model glitch? MegaBoy740 by MegaBoy740 7 764
Snowday Ziggs Recall - Sound and Visual BUG. PoDragonSlayer by PoDragonSlayer 7 406
Client Login - Music Persistence N0ble1 by Flammabubble 7 Riot Post 999
Trading in Ranked Matchmaking Error? Zaidaa by Reaction 7 173
LoL Mac Client (PBE) Black Screen Sophitia by DoubIeOrNothing 7 Riot Post 2,498