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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 67) Dannamoth by marco 369 668 Riot Post 196,661
Windows 8 - RIOT? - LoL will not start Darksyte222 by cotal 8 Riot Post 4,745
Can't get to login screen. Glaxko by Icypolefreak 8 141
Vi and Olaf ultimates bug DevilTigerC by RaptoRGmo7 8 532
Every time I click on my profile, it crashes.. Moofan by djura100 8 1,424
Stealthed Teemo hit by Ranaan's WTSSX by WTSSX 8 584
Crashed going into game, forced to repatch EtNocturn by VHS Malted Milk 8 396
Vi Not able to use abilities for the entire game Vivaa xi by Chaos333 8 194
Can you still get free tristana? not working for me... Grafight by xMil4Nx 8 2,980
Caitlyn+ Runaan's Hurricane= HEADSHOTHEADSHOTHEADSHOTHEADSHOT PENTAKILL!! PENTAKILL!! BideliaTrahern by kingcharles07 8 546
Servers [1/13/2013] Synren by Soulhippy 8 590
"Game is still in progress" bug exist again.. YZLK by General Him 8 142
disconnecting issues TWS Eraser by aSe Solidus 8 791
LoL speed hack???? *scared* xZedx by xZedx 8 1,635
Zyra's Plant AI not working as previous. Nakmal by Nakmal 8 346
Exponentially Fewer Points For Winning Xelok by BogeTime 8 339
How to run the Repair Tool TaNKeD by TaNKeD 8 Riot Post 1,622
Nautilus bug AboutTenPandas by SkittleBug 8 191
Major, Vi "Q" + Vilemaw = Break No More Zeroes by Daharahj 8 Riot Post 2,873
Sound Problem(game is unplayable) HYOSUNGS by HYOSUNGS 8 633
Store Bug XwildcatXJH by XwildcatXJH 8 272
Archangel staff resets when 750 charges BronyMusician by Atheraniel 8 360
black terrain Bregan by Skimaster282 8 1,610
[Major] One Way Vision in Bushes!! (Pics Included) Skiiazo by Skiiazo 8 344
Fix for the AMD issue killmaster84 by killmaster84 8 1,783
In-game lag but low ping and high FPS. Wtf? Squidgeh by Just Like Honey 8 658
Could not reconnect to a game just kept minimizing ... Now What? Conrad23 by Baby JesusI 8 1,049
Client Closing Right Before Match Sinthisyze by 911MURPHY 8 1,200
Talon (post recent nerfs) particle bug giving people headaches BideliaTrahern by BideliaTrahern 8 369
kat ulti reveals hidden teemo lunaKitten by AntiDarkness 8 375
Kennan ult not hitting akali Delta Sniper by Phil Nye 8 Riot Post 971
Vi Bugs Were Not Fixed. Arels by TheBibleIsALie 8 329
Rune Combiner GHB Breakthrough by SmashedFish 8 427
Accidental Delete and Re-add Friend, Cant Gift Ahrims Newt by Ahrims Newt 8 738
New Radeon driver does NOT fix the flicker Necromaze by Aruethor 8 Riot Post 727
Huge lag spikes in matches The Municipality by Keuzen 8 386
Khazix;s evolved W NoirTheBlack by Rekka777 8 124
Borderless bug getting fixed anytime soon? döratheexplorer by Icypolefreak 8 455
Fizz's Trickster - 5% of the time Freezes Fizz and does no damage his future self by Str8JacketHero 8 297
A Jayce bug causes us to lose an important TT game Crs ArianaGrande by GettingStarted 8 692
Vi Q bug Nossendron by Zietlogik 8 339
Jarvan moving while snared Ixeo by Icypolefreak 8 406
Friends list gone after Name Change AzNisPolly by SmashedFish 8 458
Malzahar's Call of the Void (Q) not granting vision Žee by Žee 8 322
Connection Bug and Unfair Bans zavo by ceejayjunior 8 2,121
League of Legends causes my rig to freeze; only hard reset possible Vichar by Jaydave 8 1,356
Grayed Out Start Button in Ranked flashspazz by Gergitator 8 2,131
vi ulti glitch FinalBossChaos by Gooooober 8 319
Twitch can prematurely come out of stealth Beverice by Zaps 8 284
Talon Flashing Orbs[Major/possible Health Risk] Neon Vi by HaIfhearted 8 365
IP broken Greatwonestist by Djinntaco 8 225