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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 62) Dannamoth by SpiritofDemacia 616 Riot Post 172,324
Will of the Ancients on Master Yi CLG Momma Sona by CLG Momma Sona 8 1,866
Yorick's ult is STILL bugged... Spectre06 by MrHaveANiceDay 8 Riot Post 2,092
MAJOR BUG PROBLEM! (Wrong spot I'm sure) Nechronus by Nechronus 8 933
Bug with Sheen on Ezreal MindspiN9 by Pefkalos 8 1,549
Server rejects game client 1.36.36 tempest42 by DaMaSaS 8 1,268
Item Bug Miralith by BlobPower 8 Riot Post 1,740
Cant pick champion on que start CyrisArcanum by xCakewalkx 8 1,424
Bug - After Wukong patch I cannot load. SchaakaKon by Genesis131 8 2,537
Stealth bug with video Duffman316 by NoBrainer89 8 2,007
Strange bug where banned heroes still get picked Shadowkiller by Vesca Violette 8 Riot Post 3,456
Miss Fortune's Ultimate Bugged! Terry Hansen by falconcrest 8 1,938
Urgent Alert!!! Massive UDYR Bug Ark Angel HFB by Sturmhard 8 2,613
Alright, this is the TENTH TIME Ive ragequit a game from this Grimdred by Grimdred 8 1,367
morde isnt showing up in the ban screen MyBlackSon by MirageLiger 8 Riot Post 1,773
A huge leblanc bug that needs to be looked at asap ?rac by Carlito3645 8 1,770
Friend referral bug Castro10 by PlayerFour 8 1,147
Two bugs after latest patch that ive encounterd. (timer and character selection bug) Varxtis511 by Lowot 8 608
Yorick Summon Gold Reward RawrCrono by Frosty716 8 1,661
Morde Bugged? Apocalypse619 by Zoah733 8 Riot Post 1,004
Masteries text box. Clerigon by Xenodyne 8 Riot Post 3,570
yes, riot got hacked Xite91 by Fuzzy zombie kit 8 2,248
fiddlesticks drain chris40610 by chris40610 8 2,049
Cannot see minion Health bars. JazzyOJ by Amariithynar 8 Riot Post 3,982
Cant see Purchase Pre paid card button Uberblackman by Slaydlol22 8 Riot Post 1,593
My game crashes when ryze uses a specific spell. vpianu by vpianu 8 Riot Post 1,479
Gangplank's Q is gamebreaking. Frosty716 by Azriel 8 2,100
The bugged Leavebuster,fix or remove from service XRazorwraithX by ZeroGeneral 8 Riot Post 1,835
Anyone else noticed the Ward bug? MolotovCaveat by Jamesrulez1 8 1,392
Bug After Wukong Patch (No Melee Autoattack Animation) Rama Rama by Rama Rama 8 946
7 kills Mundo vs 21 kills Eve WINS! Misha69 by Blazingdragoon 8 Riot Post 2,052
Fiddle's Dark Wind bounces between champs he has no vision of in the Brush WalmartLowPrice by therosesgrave 8 1,084
Karthus Ult Not Hitting Shaco GB Packers by Tchyk 8 2,857
Akali Stealth field glitch wafflecrusher by CuttingOnions 8 1,349
Network Ports blocking HTTP? Tehcliffy by Tehcliffy 8 Riot Post 2,637
Bug - Wukong Ult does incorrect damage (Picture) Nikki Sixk by Nikki Sixk 8 2,665
GP's Ultimate TracerBolt by Milk? 8 Riot Post 1,975
About referral something's going wrong Wooglet by Wooglet 8 1,333
Game not starting> Possible problem found SwiftAssassin by SwiftAssassin 8 3,659
Ban TF, enemy picks TF? Bobbysalz by Nyoko 8 1,300
Huge Banshees Bug - Tested Orbz by Azriel 8 714
@ Riot Xynot by WOLKANT 8 1,339
Store is Broken ArtaxIsDead by Maximus Child 8 1,527
Can't Log In Ohmigosh by Ohmigosh 8 2,828
Jarvan standard causes frame skip K?mi by Darkwolff88 8 Riot Post 2,603
HELP! All No-Friends SadisticStrike by FluffyTurtle 8 2,155
Leona's Q not applying damage and still going on cooldown scoops sunshine by Shadowmender 8 Riot Post 1,798
recruit RP not credited linkgh by LOL1337 8 3,453
Flaws in the system F41LB04T by SmedesYork 8 Riot Post 1,970
Warwick Hungering Strike: Increased Q mana cost Triex by Dudewheresmycat 8 1,876
Champion List Missing in Game Lobby ingdaruthx64 by Tdawg200y 8 723