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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 66) Dannamoth by munky1996 657 Riot Post 184,393
Giftwrapped Poro icon not unlocked? NinjaTonyz by Jlhudson 9 2,943
@Riot: Pool Party Leona is bugged drakon136 by drakon137 9 440
Ping rotating wheel bug Spronkets by Near and Far 9 1,260
Provisonal Match Outcome Bugged TP Dragios by DemonicLayfon 9 1,457
Game Still in Progress bug. AcuteCirrhosis by Goober Gobbler 9 463
Graphic bug - HP bar, summoner name, level, etc sayrem by skippythedolphin 9 934
Cannot reconnect into a game? Fabrelona by Pinky27 9 322
Cannot target players on mini map Cinnity by eric411 9 656
NA Server Busy!! Tridann by Sir Knightalot 9 408
Fiora's Q Bug Over 2000 Damage! Wazupian by Pomfrey 9 623
Random Disconnect/Crash Lagasuarus by Lagasuarus 9 1,211
[BUG] Elise's W - Spider not spawning UnholySins by t3rr0rm4g3 9 938 Patch Kernel is not responding scrapmetal7 by Mysterion6969 9 Riot Post 3,065
Super Minion Bug (do no damage, Game-breaking) BlackDespondency by BlackDespondency 9 469
Launcher coffeeman9 by IRnucLeaR 9 436
Prepare Yourselves! The Battle is about to begin... down2bust by down2bust 9 222
Thresh' Flay Bug EffenSeven by NinjaToad99 9 1,071
The mini-map glitch is back: champs don't appear correctly for half a second... Jarvan Krislov by RottedApples 9 372
Unable to log in--"Unexpected Platform Error" The All Tomato by MEDICPUNK 9 315
your new matchmaking oVa9000 by oVa9000 9 252
LoLClient.exe has stopped working - RANKED CHAMP SELECT NatePie by spawncrazymonkey 9 840
Deactivating 'Move Camera on Revive' does not work or stay off Lordnewb by Seiru 9 1,069
Garen Ult Does No Damage (Bug) MarineRevenge by TwilightAngel 9 630
Update Failed: Unspecified Error Occurred. Please check the logs for more information Xalerion by Chester625 9 11,169
Store isnt working? wont let me purchashe rp itZ Walter by itZ Walter 9 558
The RP store isn't working G3TGÅNK3D by Whómper 9 541
Unable to Load into Game Ditryglove by Rapid Vortex 9 867
Bug - LoLLauncher.exe process is not killed BelgianChocolate by Flamingo Tango 9 2,793
Didnt get my RP from my Prepaid $25 card. sh4dowflame by sh4dowflame 9 421
Ezreal's Q and W STILL missing animations! starkey xxx by duniceline 9 Riot Post 1,341
reverse teleport hack seeuentee by Draygo Korvan 9 992
Visual Bug: Renekton retains his aura even after his R is off Ginga by Ginga 9 820
Locked Camera Glitch Tyrannus by Bside37 9 11,096
Relic Shield Execute Failing Pacosees by ClumsyNinja971 9 381
Windwall + Thresh Auto Attack Duste by EternalDevote 9 883
Hotkeys not working Elf Tosser by Trooph 9 7,233
BlugSplat errors for: Patch 3.11 ZeonCapren by Ditryglove 9 699
[Client] Unable to purchase RP? The Freakshow by The Freakshow 9 687
Champion View Lock on Ally Sabseph by Glyph of Change 9 733
It says I'm in a game when I shouldn't be, hitting reconnect does nothing. Telkanis by Acid Reigner 9 2,356
LoL wont update past 99% VaChinaa by CFlofo 9 1,187
entire team unable to move bug drownd by drownd 9 243
Launcher Bug Azolos by Azolos 9 Riot Post 2,363
I have... no idea how to boil this down into a thread title. Zinthel by Pynque 9 545
PvP.Net Patcher Kernel is not responding Ch0pst1cks by PinoyBest13 9 7,508
[Major] Rengar invisible in warded bushes Nyanyanyany by Nyanyanyany 9 1,224
Karma - Defiance Albiros by Bumblebomb2 9 339
Right Click to Buy DirtyNate by Oddible 9 5,651
VI blue skin bug UnicornsRLethal by Frongon 9 599
Lost a ranked game LP loss was 16, but, when I checked profile, it says I lost 20. Xalerion by Xalerion 9 558