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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 70) Dannamoth by Levora 694 Riot Post 221,990
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Unable to buy tier 3 runes. Adiuvo by GUnTI 1 270
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Death Recap shows Darius using a Mordekaiser Skill Bheghara by Bheghara 1 229
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Lux binding her own teammates... permanently. Nihilo0 by Kazurar 1 117
All of my runes are gone.... Fatal Salmon by wightsnow 1 101
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Missing Runes? Alvarielol by Mac Nano 1 86
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Lost every owned champion and skin Wernerslug by Gannen 1 112
Didnt Get My Champ I Bought FraTio by FraTio 1 64
Yorick's ult won't revive himself peleides by Raerk 1 362
Hecarim E YeZombie by Hawkenwatt 1 95
Disconnecting every game . Peddles by clsDGX 1 129
can't buy runes LegendTenshi by CreepSythe 1 281
Bug of runes Nathzerim by Mac Nano 1 84
help my wins are reset pls they are all the way back to 0 bo9lo7 by Techno Dragon 1 150
Cannot Buy Tier 3 RUnes Arjunah by Business Cow 1 108
literally every time i try to log on Dylan Penna by Hyperion Terror 1 73
Bug-Missing Runes R3aL1Tea by Techno Dragon 1 115
Lost my Champions and runes when I already purchased them DKraiders by wightsnow 1 102
Using third party program TasogareReiken by Adiuvo 1 490
Loading Screen Deltukis by Electricat 1 117
Unable to Purchase Tier 3 Runes dafinchi by Nemiard 1 100
Patcher Kernel consistently crashing CConfuse by Sheakiru 1 233
Lost all runes HuyBTH by Techno Dragon 1 86
Anivia gets egged twice in a row MajorSlugworth by Asian all day 1 255
Missing runes after recent patch Allouttaenemies by Allouttaenemies 1 513
Lee Sin Bug! Yang5ta by BaaaaKA 1 125
Bugsplat? TheGreenFace by Colauder 1 79
Bug on defensive masteries ZuluVanBommel by Valatar 1 98
Leblanc E bug Jrake by worst3 1 143
When people get into line of sight you randomly see recall animation DemonicTrilogy by Krokrt 1 68
More of a quality of life fix to Tristana's rocket jump DemonicTrilogy by Tsugaga 1 133
anyone else having a problem with maokai's W ComeAtMeFro by ComeAtMeFro 1 91
Constant Dc's and lag since patch. Bigol Kegmuffin by idkai 1 111
[Bug] Jax animations just on dominion for some reason Purple Hurricane by DarkSpectrums 1 81
I lost all my runes Galatica789 by theInsaneArtist 1 78
bug splat cant d/c'd and cant recconnect Cesar Milan by Cesar Milan 1 178
Champions and rune pages Dreamenvy by TentacleH Grape 1 104
When exactly will our runes come back? JesterOfTheMoon by wightsnow 1 144
Bug-Hecarim's Devastating Charge Clintox by Andy5595 1 87
Bug lost all of my runes Jetta GLI 200HP by Ezrahen 1 56
Login Queue CoooooolName by Techno Dragon 1 81
No Extra Gold from Masteries. Qrish by Dawnemerald 1 105
20,000 people ahead of me Mediumscuba by wightsnow 1 114