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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Sticky Thread How to Report a bug  ( 1 2 3 ... 70 ) Dannamoth Levora 694
Riot Post
Minor-Blitz New riot art, bug i guess A Wild Beartic bongmastageneral 3 331
[Hilarious Sona Bug] Ultimate Correlation with Dance Undying Templar Yohyah 1 163
Orianna's ball on creep = no last hitting/death Avarith Avarith 0 136
League Quit Unexpectedly Loves2spoooj Loves2spoooj 1 142
. DeathCloudSan DeathCloudSan 0 128
Ashe Movement Speed Bug Yohyah Yohyah 0 162
Xin Talon strike bug TheRAGEofDEMACIA TheRAGEofDEMACIA 6 725
Windows 8 BSOD Birdmane Leash Me Blue 2 199
been 5 days caint play bec of firewall hillbillyfreedom Leash Me Blue 1 150
When...in hell...will u fix this messed up lag problem GeneralGanja Leash Me Blue 1 167
Nautilus Disapears XxTheAlphaDogxX XxTheAlphaDogxX 0 135
Unlimited Sona Q Bug pillowman25 pillowman25 0 186
Varus Q Not Working Rawth XI Màv 3 133
My game didn't counted. Bumanbo Màv 2 130
Spectator mode needs to be bugfixed MynameisPurr MynameisPurr 0 123
Spectator Fabulous Gaymer Fabulous Gaymer 0 132
Pantheon stun is BUGGED Beelzeboss Beelzeboss 0 123
League says I have abandoned a game that has finished and is stuck on reconnect scree Bioniclemer Màv 6 427
Trouble getting to log in screen Gatling14 Gatling14 0 118
Lp back? stironion stironion 2 195
Enemy Pantheon Ult Showing Friendly Drop In Foul Child IceeyBurn 3 160
Cannot join a game, tries re-connecting to a game that doesn't exist  ( 1 2 ) oxalic ExR Goku 11 670
Alistar Combo Futt Buck88 Futt Buck88 0 179
League crashes and doesnt let me connect to any game. aMasterPole Brotato Chip27 5 261
Syndra's Force of Will 2nd cast unusable after being silenced. Bug or not? Apex xeqA Apex xeqA 1 121
In a game that i never entered FurorUmbras FurorUmbras 0 113
Custom Game Ban Bug iSweg Dlmurray 1 217
game bans in custom? what? Dlmurray Dlmurray 0 111
Active Items Not Working that big ed that big ed 0 125
Had a yasuo bug standing statue bug RingOfFates RingOfFates 0 135
Automatic D?C F for Faith F for Faith 0 96
[Lissandra] Ult followed by Zhonyas Loomi Loomi 0 121
banshee's veil bug Mournful Sage Mournful Sage 0 92
2 Bugs with Shyvana since 4.13(plus an extra) Just Me Shyvana Just Me Shyvana 0 84
[Dominion] Rengar- Storm Shield Channel animation getting stuck iWeasle iWeasle 0 97
[Teambuilder Lobby] Player Able to Chat After Leaving Team rampaging poet rampaging poet 0 104
No troll-pole for Fizz against Veigar Keuzen Keuzen 0 124
Dragon is invisible ophega ophega 0 71
SightStone bug where it breaks when you upgrade to Ruby then refund the purchase Die Schmerzen Die Schmerzen 0 61
Vi's Q just stopped working after awhile in game. N7 Payne N7 Payne 0 55
Reconnect not working JD4WG JD4WG 0 69
Team Builder Skin Error (GROUP_NOT_FOUND) 13loodlover 13loodlover 0 120
Client not launching tommyob1717 JD4WG 3 155
Maokai's in-game portrait is ignite now Ptarlorr Ptarlorr 1 123
Sunfire Cape Death Recap Cuarson Cuarson 0 75
Zed's Living Shadow provides permanent vision RockEmSockEmRabi RockEmSockEmRabi 0 80
Ahri/Jarven 4 Upsidedown HP Bar Tcalogan Tcalogan 0 82
Stuck at 99% update SkeletonDMT SkeletonDMT 0 74
Shacc Typo Under "Champions" in your profile GeneralMarv GeneralMarv 0 82
Team builder taking forever. iWarrenD iWarrenD 0 104