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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Sticky Thread How to Report a bug  ( 1 2 3 ... 70 ) Dannamoth Levora 694
Riot Post
Mecurial Scimitar Bug Arbitrate Arbitrate 0 55
"Unexpected Platform Error" TheSilentDeath GearJammer4000 1 263
Black Screen During Champion Select Causes Loss in Ranked achilles7744 ARM24 3 207
Mobility and Boots of Swiftness Movement Speed Bug Arbitrate Arbitrate 0 175
Game closes after champion select ends. Bible Camp Bible Camp 0 74
Spectating not working SteaIthzero SteaIthzero 0 119
Vi Q Stops working in some games. This Glitch Needs To Be Fixxed. Please. King Zuki King Zuki 0 63
Invisible Baron xMuncusx Erwin 2 149
Ranked Crash with No Match History PRESS R 2 WIN PRESS R 2 WIN 0 70
Spellvamp on Gnar Malcha Malcha 0 132
Vi and her dash. Dragaloth Dragaloth 0 56
Bug or Not? INF Nightmare Gorerend 1 54
Visa charged 4 times but no RP! Dominus360 Dominus360 1 82
pvp.net patch kernel Terror2011 Terror2011 0 64
Game Client Fail - Costed Me Game in Series Miss Inaba Miss Inaba 0 69
Error 500 louis3333 louis3333 0 202
League of Legends Won't Open After I Click Play  ( 1 2 ) kastor0077 Phaaze Two 12 27520
ip not correct paleye RingOfFates 1 73
Fix your game you ******* Eshir Eshir 0 77
The "Undo" Bug and the items it affects Gorerend Gorerend 5 322
wolf camp un attackble player spot M4steRoflmaO M4steRoflmaO 0 58
Shaco boxes do not proc Spellthief's Edge passive Biscuit Joe Biscuit Joe 0 114
When you build madreds razor it automatically starts building the feral flare Opponent14 Starrow 4 157
A particular game disappears from match history chango357 ggwp Felix 1 349
Vi's Vault Breaker (bugged) HskOrphen HskOrphen 0 3212
Can't move client window when "Join Game" screen up Laurie Forman Laurie Forman 0 343
Summoner name not centered above health bar Kataphraktos Kataphraktos 0 167
Servers go down - no LP given. ggwp Felix ggwp Felix 0 181
Champ Select Jinx Neko Kagami Neko Kagami 0 143
Sightstone unusable if undo feature is used Red Sky WARNING Red Sky WARNING 0 202
seriously i dint get anything for my rank game K1RBY K1RBY 0 197
Stuck In last game Played mohsin12c3 captain hunter25 9 93
Soraka's Skills do not show CD but in fact are on CD RussTyler RussTyler 0 95
stuck at the logging screen..... LucasOC LucasOC 0 119
Can't Undo Homeguard Enchantment. VEXARN Gorerend 1 68
Sightstone Bug (patch 4.12) wolf1122 War5ama 1 87
undeserved win due to bug The eTrade Baby The eTrade Baby 0 90
Red Buff Lizard FudgekinBeaver FudgekinBeaver 0 53
Reconnect AthiestJew InragedZebra 7 113
Twitch's Ultimate not Damaging Nexus Soren Valsen FrumpBiscuit 2 183
Holy fk already Gooooober GuiltyReaper235 2 69
Being blocked from matchmaking q for no reason PlasticTouch PlasticTouch 0 36
Volibear can still flip Teemo's Shrooms CSPhobos CSPhobos 0 59
Pressing the "Play Again" button after a ranked game brings me to the custom game pag atsned atsned 0 52
Cant Select champ in ranked GuiltyReaper235 GuiltyReaper235 0 38
Disconnection with PVP.NET cilent HolyRider HolyRider 0 41
Can't Wait Until I Uninstall In 2 Weeks! iTzVengence iTzVengence 0 67
Sudden Match Rewind? TunikaFilms TunikaFilms 0 32
stuck in game.. K1RBY I Dont Care72 1 51
Im getting no lp after winning ranked and the match in my history is gone marmoduke AnimalExpress 3 103