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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 66) Dannamoth by golgothanr 653 Riot Post 181,463
Heimer on ARAM The Öutcast by Pebkio 3 312
Client crashing when I try to go in game TheOnlyGBeast by TheOnlyGBeast 0 171
Dominion minon graphical bug Gailie by Gailie 0 148
Certain champions don't appear in ranked ban list Solomonarius by Zim95 2 335
Well 2 things happened in Champion Select UnHappyDED by UnHappyDED 0 175
Heimerdinger Inifite CD Wonghis by Wonghis 0 209
[Client][Minor]Death Recap doesn't show Teemo's E tooltip IS1330ca164c1e976181edd by IS1330ca164c1e976181edd 0 199
[Launcher][Minor]Masteries not saving in CS until you close masteries or click OK IS1330ca164c1e976181edd by IS1330ca164c1e976181edd 0 212
Displaying wrong info for ranked team NoizyTribe by NoizyTribe 0 189
Heimerdinger turrets stopped shooting Ichiofmany by Ichiofmany 0 218
Disconnected But Not Really? Aisabel by Aisabel 0 219
Fiora Bug: On Hit & Reposte Empyrius by TDD Dissinger 1 254
[Minor] Ranked Draft Pick Grabnardaczar by Grabnardaczar 0 233
Pantheon/Frenzy Bug Supalupa by Supalupa 0 263
Music and LoL don't mix well Sock Puppet Dinosaur by Rock Candy 6 1,243
Nocturne ult bug Hematodipsia by Hematodipsia 0 242
Rune page accepts runes on locked rune slots StrawberryTings by StrawberryTings 0 231
Game disappeared? The Gee by The Gee 0 239
Delayed pentakill dinopwn by dinopwn 0 299
kicked from game but still conected to game malmborg by malmborg 0 215
Internet Connection error only when I log into League Seykai by malmborg 3 276
Heimerdinger turret bug BeICY by BeICY 0 207
at this moment.... ferndroid by ferndroid 0 186
Health Bars not showing correctly/Ghost HUD Cheesebob8 by Cheesebob8 0 227
riot why? Cis7v0 by Cis7v0 0 194
Pantheon passive bug. Matoro by Matoro 0 195
Twisted Fate Assassin Tag is missing Quadrakill Amumu by Quadrakill Amumu 0 192
Rage and Ferocity FPS problems LumBeast by SomeHobo21 5 668
Better Bot Pathfinding/Decision making system please. BEST BR0LAF NA by BEST BR0LAF NA 0 203
Simple Bug/Error A Local Terror by A Local Terror 0 177
Championship Thresh PBE martela7899 by martela7899 0 190
Critical bug: Game breaking interaction between teemo and fizz 360NoScopeHS420x by Urdnot Entar 1 221
Ezreal Projectile ult does no damage LeoHark by LeoHark 0 234
2 Minutes bugsplat FirstTryMalzahar by FirstTryMalzahar 7 Riot Post 1,257
Fizz "Playful/Trickster" bug.   ( 1 2) KillerKookie by KillerKookie 12 1,337
Client crashed and No reconnect possible Drizzle by SpeedG0d 4 434
Draft Pick Unable to Pick even after other team selects champion. Krammed by Krammed 0 145
Zilean Gaining no Magic Resist Per Level? DoA Nexus by Oh No Bananas 1 195
Akali Shroud visual disappearing IS13f9271d4729dc669a20a by IS13f9271d4729dc669a20a 0 259
Mundo's Burning Agony! XSparkleFistX by XSparkleFistX 0 162
store bug (the one where u buy champs/rp/etc) StealTheDeal by StealTheDeal 0 181
Guardian Angel + Fountain Turret eckzow by StealTheDeal 1 241
MMR Hell a1b1n0 n1gg3r by SunUMa 1 295
Repair install clears item sets/masteries ffhighwind by ffhighwind 0 179
Heimerdinger unlimited turrets BigMD by ffhighwind 5 263
Cannot enter games, crash at champ select, and lol client stops working every attempt Hexss by Hexss 1 189
garen passive on pbe Saintshing by Saintshing 0 167
Crashes on champselect ending and on reconnect BoBeR182 by BoBeR182 0 197
Fiddlestcks W and Leona Q Kevin Gutierrez by Kevin Gutierrez 0 192
Found a solution to FPS drops (for me at least) KSSyndrome by KSSyndrome 0 193