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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug  ( 1 2 3 ... 70 ) Dannamoth Levora 694
Riot Post
Yasuo wind wall only blocking one projectile Kingbreed Kingbreed 0 45
Undo Button Bug in SR Jermafenser Starrow 1 58
Perfect Ascension Bug - I did not receive the perfect ascension icon. Riot plz fix! Tabakim The Lord Drack 5 1594
My q button- KessaDawg KessaDawg 0 42
Azir "Q" Cool down Chef Twinz Chef Twinz 0 47
Won't let me pick champ in ranked superslurpie superslurpie 0 64
Skins not loading Bluecheeseur Bluecheeseur 0 53
It is time to do something about Ranked Matches GaruYenZ GaruYenZ 3 105
Azir and Attack Move Gramamanamanees Gramamanamanees 1 239
Random lag spikes with good comp and internet Enjeyel Enjeyel 1 146
i cant speak during champion select RisksShweky RisksShweky 0 44
azir's q doesnt show it is on cooldown RisksShweky RisksShweky 0 47
Banner of Command. Healyourownbum Healyourownbum 0 51
Azir places turret on live nexus turret? SokoTheDeviluke SokoTheDeviluke 0 98
Azir ult bugs out Malphite ult Jöe Jöe 0 104
Azir ult bugs out Malphite ult Jöe Jöe 0 161
Intermediate bots forgot how to use summoner spells. Rhyseon Rhyseon 7 296
Twitch Ult Issue with Inhibitors Summary LordNikonX 7
Riot Post
Azir's ULT doesn't stop Vel'Koz from channeling his ULT TimeZero TimeZero 1 200
Azir ult < MF ult 13eetle13omber TimeZero 1 84
[Major] Gnar E damage bug Pvtsarge Pvtsarge 0 104
Azir ult bug peeweeman250 peeweeman250 0 75
Warwick w does not activate Da ThreshExpress Da ThreshExpress 0 45
Azir Double Turret Bug Samuel L Jaxx Crozz 1 88
3 Azir bugs, rito plz fix Crozz Crozz 5 162
Azir Conquering Sands bug WhyFii WhyFii 0 68
Failed to Select Champ Bug ThisTimesForReal ThisTimesForReal 1 92
Skin Store Champion Names Repeating rampaging poet rampaging poet 0 42
Chrome Rammus Splash Art Issue Monkeytender Mal the Red 1 136
Black screen at champion select DProism DProism 1 70
No "Perfect Ascension" Icon? ImasakiJose Yoyocowmo 1 185
Karma W (Focused Resolve) is not revealing Wukong properly. MonkeymanX6 Anitia 1 87
Azir ult problems tactical ki11er That1ItalianGuy 5 120
Mafia Jinx bug N0b0dyBlues PutYaGunsOn 1 63
Player Support ARAM Game Crash NBD x Cobra NBD x Cobra 3 85
Load screen game crash Teleopathicwrath Teleopathicwrath 0 57
1.5K ping non-stop!!! TheC4rToN FannelFlannel 1 66
Azir ult moving relics Quagsires Quagsires 0 62
Game Crashing and Client Freezing SexyJacob Arbitrahj 4 340
Client Chat Bug? FannelFlannel FannelFlannel 0 47
Azir Sun Disc turret indicator bug allololiloulol allololiloulol 0 64
its time for Riot to upgrade their tech and firewall xzoneannhilator1 Killaholic 1 68
Attempting to Reconnect....Game crashes.... Killaholic Killaholic 0 49
Play not working.. R4G3 X0v3r9000X R4G3 X0v3r9000X 0 40
Vi Q stopped working Callka Callka 0 45
A bug was found about Xerath's Arcanopulse (Skill Q) EHIN Chow Dark Whitewalker 2 324
League of Legends FROZE, NOT RESPONDING, AND CAN'T RECONNECT! TooSerious DW4RD3N 1 498
My PBE won't open. robertdmonopoly White Shadoow 7 2092
Azir ult bug/glitch Sirjdog21 Truckerchu 2 154
Janna Q Mana Bug RighteousFreed RighteousFreed 0 77