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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug  ( 1 2 3 ... 70 ) Dannamoth Levora 694
Riot Post
0 lp for a ranked win?! St Noble St Noble 9 204
Some bull sh*t WNxGekkoST reaper2493 1 130
(Oceania) After finishing a very long and satisfying game the stats wouldnt show. IronWarfares IronWarfares 0 172
Black screened on Champion Select in ranked. Zathriel Zathriel 0 62
LoLClient Crashes on clicking "Profile Button" SoupOrJuice mogenheid 3 209
Game Stuttering Bisquit Pants Bisquit Pants 0 89
ARAM map Brendar2929 Zagdul 1 53
Tryn dying during ult Noctis Lucis08 Affirm 3 169
In game flickering angur2 angur2 6 130
Holding the Tab key right as game ends Nike Mikey Grirn 1 120
Vision wards cannot see into bushes UTDZac PochiVvvvV3 5 3104
Bug Found: Exiting Queue right when game is found screws you up. Chislayer Osiris Phrytning 2 191
league points EGY Dievel Vecticus 2 109
Oceanic server Rp DaBause12 xXsimplicityXx 1 618
Bots can kill you after the Nexus explodes SkyPyro Vecticus 1 147
sword of divine does not reset properly nillthium nillthium 0 56
Ranked 3v3 Start Game Bug CorruptionCarl CorruptionCarl 0 84
Not sure... VorpalWarlord VorpalWarlord 0 60
Aatrox Passive Stasis Bug Slyfoe Slyfoe 0 117
Champ Select bug vVvStix vVvStix 0 41
Glitch in after game menu. xXxXSeekoXxXx xXxXSeekoXxXx 0 82
Poppy's E stuns herself sometimes. Souul Reaper Epothos333 1 116
Projectile not doing damage Norferzlo EnterTheDark 1 81
Bug - Sivir's shield doesn't block Zilean's bombs Cloverqc EnterTheDark 4 691
Ranked champ select timed out when attempting to select a champion Vicvictorw Vicvictorw 0 85
Can't Connect to Server... Tried everything. Veelia EgyptianPedofile 1 469
Unable to ban champions in Ranked Durzaka Durzaka 0 85
[Minor] Fiddles v. Fiddles Passive Rhotick Rhotick 0 98
Heimerdinger Turret Bug Clumsie Clumsie 2 168
Crashes after Victory/Lost Screen if you Tab to check score Bluewindz Bluewindz 0 101
opponent flashes yellow when targetting my champion yeoldecarito2317 Brodhi 1 139
Can't log out of my LOL client  ( 1 2 3 ) nicfox77 X3ndtheworldX 22 5313
Demoting bug. RockMan EXE RockMan EXE 0 66
+0 LP after ranked victory Hidou Brodhi 1 187
No free week champions in my champion select? karoshi97 Brodhi 1 168
Zed Emotes Buggy Zwizzle Zwizzle 0 96
unable to connect to sever Eric Abidal Eric Abidal 4 145
Ahri bug Wona SLAYER6752 1 189
Black client UnblestDevotee UnblestDevotee 0 158
Champion moves when buying items RedAcid8232 RedAcid8232 0 109
Trading Champions in ranked. Puzzled Puzzled 0 96
Champion Select Bug 420clownpeen69 Pinky27 2 390
Singed fling Bernoid Dragon Striker9 1 124
Fix Nunu E animation cancell Drakzon Drakzon 0 100
The "Nautilus Slide" glitch Frozenko Hero RD 2 530
Poppy pathing ironwok ironwok 0 111
Not a bug persay but Riot should probably fix this Best Morg Africa Best Morg Africa 0 123
Fizz playfull trickster Walker1080 Walker1080 0 134
Garen with no cd on q soccermanj654 Rule Thirty Four 3 568
Loading Screen and end game stats bug JLuc Renegade Rook 1 322