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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Sticky Thread How to Report a bug  ( 1 2 3 ... 70 ) Dannamoth Levora 694
Riot Post
Crash every time game loading starts Aerlos KT paradox 2 244
Unable to play anymore TRG x Irish KT paradox 6 232
Heimerdinger Turrets Sieran Sieran 0 46
crash and cant go back to game Jedam Valsigna Mig 1 132
Demoted for No Reason PvP Owner Caligulingus 2 129
[Major] Yorick Ghost Ult Bug Firesnake79 Firesnake79 0 131
Yorick Ult - Birth Passive Soompi Soompi 0 67
Annie's Tibbers bug TehLulzor TehLulzor 0 186
Game Locked Up, Couldn't Reconnect Kizoja2 Kizoja2 0 103
found a bug green circle did not go away when i used my ult. psychoillusion psychoillusion 0 54
Vi is being ult blocked by vayne... CodeJerry CodeJerry 0 179
New Ashe Passive Bug EyeOfTheHawks EyeOfTheHawks 0 117
Game Crashes at Load KT paradox KT paradox 0 87
Audio issues ThePr0digy ThePr0digy 0 42
Shyvana not building Fury while dead EvilTreeSpock Brodhi 4 210
Rewards Program Bug ElhasTizi Szilagyi 1 68
Tiamat glitch is gone phew Szilagyi Szilagyi 0 305
My Game Client is Bugged philcramer IGoBamBam 2 128
Game ended abruptly. Psychic Kitten IGoBamBam 1 85
Lee Sin safeguard issues xXTr0LLiNXx airaze 1 53
Vayne tumble and ult iroxus ilovetswift13 1 140
Major major elise w(volatile spiderling) bug - video included KOR Haku ilovetswift13 2 145
TF's Cards Juststartingout Juststartingout 0 45
League of legends cant go to loading screen Parádox Parádox 0 61
Get out of ranked win to see ive been demoted XinarinVortex XinarinVortex 0 111
Attack move click bound to "A" with chat window open still moves player DrinksOnMe Pinker 10 1 110
Rengar ulti bug NidasB NidasB 0 49
ARAM Bug Dcmsmax Dcmsmax 0 62
Rengar Q Bug Lickmybubble Lickmybubble 0 112
Can't buy skins in champ select Doc Kapwn Doc Kapwn 0 407
Two spells of Malzahar occasionally glitch and don't cast Ixeo Ixeo 3 113
RP Bug Pattyxcakes Xeneroz 2 107
cannot connect to the in game store on oceanic server. rAmPaGeR174 Mintah 1 571
"Unknown error" during selection Fructivore Fructivore 0 45
Game Crashes at end if you have scores up JDolan98 JDolan98 1 61
Null anthonysfate anthonysfate 0 72
forced out of game Stratavos Parrita29 1 177
Connection Error Sutinga Sutinga 0 104
reconnect bug?.. IGoBamBam philcramer 3 99
LP Decay Bug Mashcroft Mashcroft 0 119
Udyr Phoenix stance and the spectate feature. Redeemed Rivên Redeemed Rivên 3 186
wrong game time TBONTBzer0 TBONTBzer0 0 97
Invisible Abilities Galdelonian Galdelonian 0 86
Champion Swapping Issue CosmicFox SprC Doublelift 1 74
When duo queued in ranked SprC Doublelift SprC Doublelift 0 69
Disconection problems StoryTeller21 IGoBamBam 1 96
Garen Q bug with Zhonyas Al3xams Al3xams 0 91
op dc bugs Xmanowarcici IGoBamBam 1 78
Champion Select Failure/Pick Timer Bug Siyanor daftroses 1 261
DC, Game Doesn't Exist Anymore Thanatoaster Xmanowarcici 1 121