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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug  ( 1 2 3 ... 70 ) Dannamoth Levora 694
Riot Post
Issues installing new patch CLShroud Brodhi 1 148
Elise Cocoon not revealing stealth. vv Valor Brodhi 3 130
Dominion Minion Blockage Bug Dominwin Dominwin 0 77
[Major] Draven Doesnt get Stacks with 2 Axes UPp Calamue Jyrachi 1 96
Why am i disconnecting so much? BroskiATTACK mtdrew6 2 240
Server Lag Issue? Viakolu mtdrew6 1 66
Create custom game, then abandon issue czeluff czeluff 0 71
Champion Icon Bug PenguinzX PenguinzX 0 71
Spells that can be cast on self or ally/enemy and smartcast Pinker 10 Pinker 10 0 316
Corki's Ult doesnt proc tear. nigaADRIAN nigaADRIAN 0 79
The Log in Server did not respond Desirabl3 Desirabl3 0 73
Client hangs when closing on one account, not on another Xolo Xolo 0 74
bloodthirster passive Ohhh Kakashi Ohhh Kakashi 0 56
Trundle's W - Frozen Domain Amras0 Amras0 0 58
Rune Combiner: "unable to save summoner runes" Amuq the Native Amuq the Native 0 362
Game Store visual bug? JJoa JJoa 0 68
3.9 Karma Mantra [E] not giving appropriate shield value Bumblebomb2 Bumblebomb2 0 153
3.9 Shyvanna Q CD reduction not working on level 1-5 Bumblebomb2 Bumblebomb2 0 95
Just got consumed by Nunu Mcskittles360 Mcskittles360 7 261
ignite and wukong's decoy seems broken (might be mac client issue idk) zuvla zuvla 3 232
Akali Shroud Bug xAltairis Hexten 1 66
Amumu's ultimate unable to prevent certain attacks Zenl1ke asamu 2 116
Game Disconnected all players simultanesouly before the update nbchomp03 asamu 2 106
Free Week Champions Available in Ranked 3v3s visceralsimplex asamu 4 148
Major Game Bug with DC? Superßoy Davidt1234 3 102
Guardian Angel Unique Passive On Garen Regalado7 Regalado7 5 316
Game crashes at 100% in loading screen Sylver Sylver 0 123
What does this error mean? Cute Assassin Cute Assassin 5 126
Rengar can be perma invisible while in bushes Bookibaloush BananaFuton 3 137
RP cards/ codes not working Baobusaur Baobusaur 0 83
Summoner Champions Bug boompoison Brodhi 1 87
Homeguard Bug Jaspe van hubért Brodhi 5 1035
Game client crashing Unhandled Exception LittleArmadillo LittleArmadillo 0 125
Morgana Dark Binding did damage but no snare to invisible unit (no spell shield) CSDragon CSDragon 1 138
Tristana passive bug? Legend of Korra Legend of Korra 0 73
not sure where to put this but it is some sort of error CerealBoxOfDoom CerealBoxOfDoom 1 42
Leblanc's clone stealing experience SN Fate SN Fate 0 113
regarding my other thread CerealBoxOfDoom CerealBoxOfDoom 0 35
Unable to buy Skins at champ select Undertaker89 Undertaker89 0 44
Vayne e Garen q SingularCyclone SingularCyclone 2 189
Lee Sin, some abilites no longer castable while moving. StrmCkr Day Ninja 3 198
Shaco JitB Glitch Darth Mario Darth Mario 1 56
Attempting to reconnect Dontshootkittens mud but 1 147
hunters machete and other items dont work with urgot wildotter wildotter 0 57
crappy game chronikbluntz chronikbluntz 0 59
Pentakill Bundle Error Velietha Velietha 0 115
Varus and Wukong not appearing in champ selection Dewythegreenfear Dewythegreenfear 0 59
Possible Yi or Sivir bug Brodim Brodim 2 68
Teemo problem Your8Knight Your8Knight 0 59
Game crashes on connect attempt Le Mad Pierrot KT paradox 1 126