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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug  ( 1 2 3 ... 70 ) Dannamoth Levora 694
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Unused Keys says In-Use on signup page Stay Crunchy Stay Crunchy 2 383
Please please please! SCV SCV 1 243
Assists System seems faulty Edmonton Karnij 5
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Ryze VS Mushrooms Snikkerz Sarusta 1 296
Possible Issue With Annie Jubmania FellowerOfOdin 1 247
In-Game Slow Down and Resize jamby jamby 0 478
Stark's Fervor has no effect Emrot Emrot 4 422
More game freezing and back to the future stuff. eLE fungusmash redit 2 322
Character Info "Lore" shows html tags Zorander Lollerman 1 345
Game Crashes at Face Off Load Screen Temero Wolfy 1 670
Blind matching not mixing OmegaPhantomX micha 1 287
[Bug] Warwick Blood Scent tall grass Reignier Reignier 0 452
Graphic error at the shop redit redit 0 265
Matchmaking player disconnect problem Zorander Zorander 0 385
Mana Regen Soanevalcke Soanevalcke 0 317
install problem DigiNeko DigiNeko 0 323
Vent push-to-talk (tilda ~) broken - new since last weekend Sagas Sagas 0 807
download problems. Malckeor Malckeor 0 347
Jax leap strike - tooltip redit XSCBO 1 296
[VIDEO] Terrain is all black alright alright 2 607
Problems Starting Alfwich Alfwich 1 841
Small PvP.net Glitch micha micha 0 271
Beta Key not working Uthgar micha 1 315
[Bug]Blank screen at champion selection Cefx the Mighty Cefx the Mighty 0 506
[BUG] Champion Filter Marduke Marduke 0 253
[Crash] Client.Error.RequestTimeout Saishy Saishy 2 1281
Mastery display bug. Predicted Predicted 0 279
Unable to Connect to Network even during Beta Times! Yoshi Yoshi 4 424
Mastery tooltip not working longhitterz longhitterz 0 452
[BUG] Zilean's ultimate and Anivia's rebirth redit redit 0 342
[Chat Bug] Some HTML tags are allowed in chat. May lead to scamming. Zoc Zoc 0 1543
Can't log into my beta account Mikeduncan micha 5 384
Login need new beta key? Vintage micha 2 416
Constant Freezes Kazuz Kazuz 0 289
[BUG]Cho'Gath - Spores and splash redit redit 0 319
Finished a game but it didn't record Lord Thanatos SeVIIen 5
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error message after looking for servers timmy166 timmy166 0 253
How do I fix the AMD multi core cpu problem? eLE fungusmash eLE fungusmash 9 1573
Patcher(skinned) bugged Nefertit Nefertit 6 858
Cursor Bug in game Warrition Warrition 0 336
Lines on characters when moving, shader error? Oreo Lima Beans 3
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Masteries point summary incorrect Zorander Lima Beans 2
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Updater - Minor Bug: Time Estimate and Placement Deathify Deathify 0 273
Pedobear still bugged FellowerOfOdin micha 5 387
Invisible box over name Hesphesteus Lima Beans 1
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Recent Buddy List Issue Tiny4Ever micha 2 446
Can't Log into with my Beta Account Wolfy micha 1 443
Client Crashed o_O! Aids Aids 0 231
Retrieving data from servers Barefeats Barefeats 1 757
Cut off masteries descriptions FellowerOfOdin muusbolla 3
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