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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Sticky Thread How to Report a bug  ( 1 2 3 ... 70 ) Dannamoth Levora 694
Riot Post
Katarina skin messed up tyranus94 tyranus94 0 423
Malzhar ulti bug Bledgor xAznNinhx 4 363
Bug in Champ selection while trying to trade champs 2Annies1Chalice 2Annies1Chalice 0 189
Ingame bug. Screen glitching and sound spazzing Zarkonat0r Zarkonat0r 2 304
Pets and Dominion capturing ongelvin ongelvin 0 192
Lol won't open Batwolf1 iWuS 1 483
MAJOR spectator bug TimmahIsASaint GoSu Buster 2 243
Spectate bug? InspiredProdigy Duhwolf 3 375
Game Fails to Fill Screen Bazoozle June24th 3 604
Extremely Long Waiting Time daftroN daftroN 1 277
hacks or glitch vanitasdiventus vanitasdiventus 0 181
Random FPS Drop In-Game FIX THIS! SimonSWD SimonSWD 0 218
Diana Ult Nyctic Nyctic 0 186
Serious bug with jayce's q that's long overdue xXBlackJezusXx xXBlackJezusXx 0 239
Champions not displaying properly Sir Snicklefritz Sir Snicklefritz 0 214
Serious bug regarding names, voices etc. in the game DarthPotter15 DarthPotter15 0 503
[Bug - Diana flickers out of existence during dash.] Black Winged One Black Winged One 0 265
Frozen patcher/launcher Anomonis Anomonis 1 309
Lee Sin's Q doesn't execute smoothly DazzlingFire DazzlingFire 0 476
Player Not Showing Up Torturous Torturous 0 553
Patching in the middle of the game xboi209 PearlsBefreSwinz 4 358
User Interface Bug (Super annoying) CataclysmCrash CataclysmCrash 0 191
This Cassiopeia bug is making me quite upset Caislean Caislean 3 347
Shifting player names causing bug in report function McRibblets McRibblets 0 207
Flash/Ability bug 2ndMizukage So Goooooooooood 6 410
pulsefire ezreal last hitting COLT FROM TEXAS zigy42 9 1121
[Bug] Rengar's W stopping autoattacks inFamousBobert AzureWolfe 4 270
Feast doesn't go on cooldown when killing a Chronoshifted target GG Crono GG Crono 0 218
Again with the random super FPS drop after so many games @_@ Axxlon macisgreat 3 409
Website bug Morbys Morbys 0 176
[Bug] Jayce's Bonus damage stopped by silence SpykeMH SpykeMH 1 410
DevTracker Bug: Rioters are in the past Marshmall0ws Marshmall0ws 0 180
Walking on walls on twisted treeline KSOAR yanikita 2 286
MLG Stream unwatchable. Ngumbe sinisterpotato 1 300
Commands being 'lost' after casting a spell DragonFogel rpvarela 1 256
[Possible Bug] Zyra's Passive Not Going Off swan2swan rpvarela 1 215
Bug-Sejuani: No auto-attack after Arctic Assualt charge Astereon rpvarela 1 212
Ezreal's E bugs nathantreid fallyandor 3 311
Bug - shaco ult reset epicn00bs epicn00bs 0 197
Won't load game after clicking play button. Thesunfei FxStryker 2 478
Banned for winning? Blake4646 Blake4646 0 207
I've been banned twice for the same tribunal case Taco Batman Taco Batman 0 199
ashe volly and jax stun LucasBides Keuzen 1 271
Mundo Keuzen Keuzen 0 176
Darius ult and kennens stun sealzilla sealzilla 0 201
rengar bush jump is very glitchy Shev felgrand Shev felgrand 0 439
Emote hotkeys not working EVIIIILL EVIIIILL 0 257
Bug - Teemo Trapping Bots in Ai vs Co-op SoraTenshou SoraTenshou 0 284
Kat Bouncing Blade Nixzilla Sciophobia 1 234
[Bug] Custom game leave TA51 TA51 1 194