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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug  ( 1 2 3 ... 70 ) Dannamoth Levora 694
Riot Post
TF"s Stacked Deck is bugged TheIzzMan TheIzzMan 0 57
Rumble's ultimate does not have smartcast OMGWTFROTFLBBQ OMGWTFROTFLBBQ 0 78
Not sure if a bug, but Fiora's ult PoppaMan PoppaMan 0 99
Vayne Condemn does not work when used on an enemy on top of her.  ( 1 2 ) A Master Shaco Oimetra 12 970
General Sound FX Bug Shadow Eklipps Ebon Wing 3 209
3 v 3 error Chimeraex01 Chimeraex01 0 80
Bug- Wins Counter Reset to 0 xChallengerx xChallengerx 3 314
Ask me to reconnect to the game but already lost it Funkybaby oxalic 3 115
Fix this!! CakeRunner oxalic 2 113
[Bug][Major] Vladamir Sanguine Pool Lambant Lambant 0 88
Intentar reconectar Apocalipsi97 Apocalipsi97 0 118
kicked from champ select jdunthis jdunthis 0 76
When will I be able to use the store?? Toruma Toruma 0 67
smart casts bug Beoridas Beoridas 2 127
how to fix this? lolminiman lolminiman 0 73
surrender BlizardSpree BlizardSpree 0 96
Failure to logout after PVP disconnect J4G J4G 0 530
Co-Op Vs AI Bug hotlikecajun hotlikecajun 0 95
Internet drops between Anti-AFK and Lobby Numb Addiction Numb Addiction 5 766
Bug - Pax Twisted fate q animation FailFlood HeatSweeper 1 434
Game no load Jorten AnthroxX 1 118
Disconnect While on Character Select Screen FLG GuySullavin FLG GuySullavin 0 139
Karthus seems to be causing fps drops when he ults Tengu Drum haugdaug 1 176
Bug - Soulsight Lamp Recipe Isdelth Isdelth 9 260
Malzahar lowering my FPS? Jack of All AIDS haugdaug 2 220
I don't even think I'm in a game, but there's the reconnect option Schismogenesis Baxe 4 360
Nid TasogareReiken Gailie 3 115
@Riot TF Stacked Deck not working like it use to TheIzzMan TheIzzMan 0 129
Custom Game Bots hanging on walls more often Strossus Gran Strossus Gran 0 120
Every coupld of seconds I start lagging with perfect ping Carnavre B0red0mFTW 1 178
Random Game Abandoned Window OokamiNoSora OokamiNoSora 0 350
Karthus ult not working zeirios j j 2 185
game abandoned kirarising kirarising 0 96
Bug - Collision is inconsistent vs minions with Body Slam [Gragas] Tol Eressea Tol Eressea 3 368
Rengar Triple Q mvp1292 mvp1292 0 557
Got forced to duo with someone i dont know by match making Sudetenland Sudetenland 0 327
Unable to log-in to game ddawg4169 ddawg4169 0 97
Minor fix in the new TT? Feedback please. Burden636 Burden636 0 85
I'd like to report a bug Best in GR Best in GR 0 96
Certain skills causing massive FPS drops JesusPwns0926 JesusPwns0926 1 286
Bug- Blitz (Passive Shield) not activating Terista Terista 2 259
Urgot acid hunter bug Aurasph Aurasph 0 115
Wins/loss Frandaman Frandaman 0 224
Energy Runes - Listed as +20 but only Give +19 Magelabalot Magelabalot 0 164
Game bugged. Master of Games Master of Games 0 95
Won a ranked, counted as a loss IsmackBks NesIiN 1 176
Bug - 100% CPU Usage at Profile Screen killerwave7 killerwave7 2 339
Not sure if it's a bug....or where to put this, but... MeltedWater Tortured Wolf 1 108
game hanging on character select MysticOzzy MysticOzzy 0 105
Junkyard Titan Bug- Visible in bushes KorabanVII KorabanVII 0 118