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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 70) Dannamoth by Levora 694 Riot Post 225,608
Online Match History Bug 4thdimensiontime by 4thdimensiontime 0 134
Fiddlesticks drain glitch? Kino4500 by Kino4500 0 139
Fiddlesticks never stops draining Sion Fructivore by Fructivore 0 137
Everything messed up during a game?! EpiklyFAIL by EpiklyFAIL 0 107
250+ Limited chat games and still coming! I Main Aatrox by KillerStriker 1 177
Shaco bug (DISABLE THIS CLOWN ASAP) Asphalt by MaverickBob 1 232
Pvp.patcher Kernal not working Alaungard by Alaungard 0 104
Game Crash? Torcer by jlaudylaud 2 353
Trist Ult bug needs to be fixed before worlds laxboy119 by laxboy119 0 145
My RP card doesn't work D: Killertpu by Jereboy216 6 3,444
Match history opening from releasing left click over a match Simons Mom by Simons Mom 0 114
Mysterious Varus E Poison KillerStriker by KillerStriker 0 122
[Bug] report on different bugs worldseye by jkuty 1 217
Quinn>Valor Form + Ghostblade Jay Vesper by probst9999999999 1 146
Input lag/ clicking not being registered bug. Hypnobear by Hypnobear 2 224
Spectating has no end game option in ultra widescreen probst9999999999 by probst9999999999 2 265
Elise Bug Spider (W) l sQuishy l by l sQuishy l 0 107
Dominion Rengar Bug pphamilton by pphamilton 0 120
I Simply can not get LoL to start Help plz T_T OutlawStarx2 by OutlawStarx2 1 112
Frozen Heart Aura ScuteMob by ScuteMob 0 117
Blood Lord Vladamir laugh sound issue Aesthetikos by Aesthetikos 0 118
No sound while playing tocoo4u by Uzy 1 352
Caitlyn's Psychic Bullets AxlStream by AxlStream 0 155
Bugsplat error recieved when I win a game arwingflyer98 by arwingflyer98 0 145
Zed not knocked up post ulti Kosmòs by Kosmòs 0 128
Xerath Q Doesn't go off Super Tedders by Super Tedders 0 133
Poppy E (Wall hit) bugged CalmBreeze by CalmBreeze 0 139
Minimap Movement Vraix by Vraix 0 124
Quinn Autoattack Glitch ThePixeltron by ThePixeltron 0 152
Sivir autoattack stops traveling mid-air if she dies SirFluffz by SirFluffz 0 131
Disconnection causes loss of game!! DigitalinDaniel by DigitalinDaniel 0 126
Extreme Graphic Lag LOL YOUR SAD 420 by Shion777 5 394
Game crashes almost after every game Satchel Charge by Satchel Charge 0 160
Doom Bots 2 Crash Bug guitarslade7z by guitarslade7z 0 237
Items sets dissapearing Thebombisthebomb by guitarslade7z 1 232
Thresh relic shield bug Enerex by SilverSetsuna 6 475
Elise unable to avoid Fizz ult Rijor by Aiwendil 4 388
Matchmaking in Ranked Nightglue3 by Nightglue3 0 153
Doom Bots sitting at fountain while game is live LoneCheetah by LoneCheetah 0 170
LeeSin "Q" vs Morgana "Q" Grym Da Bear by Grym Da Bear 0 180
random disconnect 1st time ever Original RudeBoy by xXBootyQuakeXx 2 157
Karthus' defile requiring DOUBLE mana to activate (Serious) Aiwendil by Aiwendil 0 163
Doom Bots 5 "Failure as Captain" Keristrasza by Keristrasza 0 197
Sorcerer's Shoes magic penetration bug on live. Llynok by Aiwendil 6 680
Invisible/Untargetable Dragon Bug on LIVE Kaze Rurouni by Kaze Rurouni 0 153
Liandrys deals no damage on jungle creeps (MUST BE FIXED ASAP) MaverickBob by Aiwendil 4 395
lucian piercing light range indicator bugged SuperMazziveH3r0 by SuperMazziveH3r0 0 140
Match History incorrectly showing first blood on execute HugsNotSlugs by HugsNotSlugs 0 149
i got dissconnected out of no reason because it was alright from my side rick111993 by rick111993 0 140
Random DC but can still see what's going on KingObsidianFang by KingObsidianFang 0 158