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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Sticky Thread How to Report a bug  ( 1 2 3 ... 70 ) Dannamoth Levora 694
Riot Post
Match History Beta bug chunned chunned 8 693
I have my all chat off but can still see doom bots chat Argygle HH Joeypants 2 163
Wukong ability bug Out Of Position Out Of Position 0 134
In Game Keyboard Selectively Not Responding Botos In My Butt beerwithstraw 1 304
I have my all chat off but can still see doom bots chat Argygle Argygle 0 130
"you were removed from the game for failing to select a champion" Drynwynn Drynwynn 0 192
Game crashing when casting target ring spells Dysda Barely AIive 1 151
Master Yi voice bug Conail Conail 0 161
Urgot R and Alister's Q SkittlesNiceTea SkittlesNiceTea 0 151
Zed's W Glitch. purpleboats purpleboats 0 134
tristana snared and jumps. morteveritas Fuzzy Nordic 7 479
Vi's q won't work Battlecast Bob Maynard Winters 2 218
mystery skin bug? Blahblah505 Blahblah505 0 183
Joining a match Bug poiilop poiilop 0 136
Issues with crashing games and reconnecting/INF LOOP TheLegendaryAFK King of Chaos013 1 341
Caitlyn Auto Attacks Mÿths Mÿths 0 121
Jayce's E not taking effect? King of Chaos013 King of Chaos013 0 127
Anivia Passive Bug. SpykerLambagato goobypants 1 220
Yasuo Q and GA not working right Kion2 Kion2 0 130
League wont open! EyeDragon EyeDragon 0 123
Mecha Malphite Skin not showing Chronorpheus Chronorpheus 4 308
haunted zyra is bugged Void Sphincter Void Sphincter 0 300
Cant Select Champion Travis Esq Travis Esq 0 133
Chamption select bug HanNinja HanNinja 0 114
OverView Bug StrutBlade StrutBlade 0 130
Cant open league of legends faopaw faopaw 0 106
Spectating bug Molester Molester 0 109
Xerath Q stop working in ARAM late game JonLbs JonLbs 0 107
Vi's Q quits working 25 minutes into Aram Venom22582 Venom22582 0 98
Failed login, 7/25/2014 Xarue Xarue 0 134
Morg Snare Bug on J4 GC8V TrueDeception 3 317
Mecha Aatrox Furor boots mod bug Black Saix Black Saix 0 736
Not sure where to post this but mystery gift help MiindHaxxorz Lutzedarknut 2 216
Vlad bugs (pool vs fizz ult, and q with shaco box) ursogoodnot ursogoodnot 0 117
Jarvan IV flag combo while rooted or snared Pieson GC8V 3 247
Incorrect rune info SirLapse SirLapse 0 69
Rengar Boala glitch PowerPIayer PowerPIayer 0 84
Afk bots vicren Lutzedarknut 1 103
Malphite Q Guzamiru Lutzedarknut 1 200
SKT T1 Jax Q Bug Lutzedarknut Lutzedarknut 0 90
cant buy wicked hatchet in aram thegoaty thegoaty 0 136
Morgana and Frozen Nocturne Mizonel Mizonel 0 78
After buying exp boost didnt show up on Account! bug! jnsi jnsi 0 82
Banner of Command active is broken WalrusKing1999 WalrusKing1999 0 124
Can't move, and victory screen out of nowhere!? Zethros Fan Maj0rEag1e 2 283
Caitlyn auto attack bug PhoenixSpartan PhoenixSpartan 0 109
Invisible champion bug. Homegaurds bug. Shadowkrag Shadowkrag 0 92
Shop bug A3terno A3terno 0 91
How is this still in the game? Shïren Shïren 0 90
Self Mystery Gifting Bug Zyrxx AnarchyFive 1 107