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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 70) Dannamoth by Levora 694 Riot Post 227,639
i lost my skin, i cant use it but other people can use it. H y u g a J C by H y u g a J C 0 106
Error: Active game not found Timon and Pumba by WaterPhoenix 1 231
is this a bug? PacifistC by Corvic Maractis 3 145
PFE not flying notSoinan by notSoinan 0 118
Mecha Kha'zix visual glitch - out of game side effects!!! Aussie SXCXTC by Aussie SXCXTC 1 291
Friends list issues tataku999 by Aussie SXCXTC 1 96
Can someone fix this DemonKoala by Aussie SXCXTC 1 96
RP and IP mysteriusly dropped. Nothing wrong with Purchase history Raxxren by Raxxren 0 153
League refuses to open johnnybravo2 by johnnybravo2 0 78
Varus Piercing Arrow Possible Mathematics problem. Corvic Maractis by Corvic Maractis 3 337
J4 bug k1chun by k1chun 0 73
LOLReplay : Red Dot Error / Error Uploading: Replay Unknown Error Blaster8282 by Blaster8282 0 445
Lissandra's w bug Try To Keep Pace by Try To Keep Pace 0 75
Champion trade glitch. mattyrose2 by mattyrose2 0 95
Different spectator bug GKstull by GKstull 0 105
Adobe AIR Debug Launcher(fix error) xJakexChibix by xJakexChibix 0 551
Can't log in... HHeretic by HHeretic 2 217
Using every skin bug   ( 1 2) SoupsSmurf by Climate 14 1,025
Muramana and Seraph's Upgrade Bug xaw09 by xaw09 0 117
Not sure why this happened, bug with que dodging. jonathang88 by jonathang88 0 92
Referrals LordSharn by LordSharn 0 127
Cant play ranked game client crashed Camp Me More by Camp Me More 1 241
Bug skins free fix it pls Richi Phelpz by Richi Phelpz 2 276
Hillbilly Gragas hat bug zigwentzag by AntiDarkness 1 132
wont open solocup99 by AntiDarkness 1 101
Udyr Run Bug In new Patch (bear stance)   ( 1 2) IDivide by MetaEngineer 12 688
Gifting not working (Attn @RiotAmes) LadyAzalea by Seasquid 4 Riot Post 1,359
Gifting issue. @Riot Ames? Finch Toast by Seasquid 2 157
Gifting Rp Bug SlaughterTheWeak by Seasquid 1 155
Significant drop in Fps since Re-installing client Eliiiiii by Eliiiiii 0 112
Lost IP and Didnt Buy Anything! KiLLaHSOul by WorgenKing 2 92
Varus's q ignores Sivir's e MEALEXYOUARE by MEALEXYOUARE 0 153
Runes that were just purchased cannot be used/are not shown MadTheory by MadTheory 0 105
Varus Q Quick Fire Liz Vicious by InsomniaSloth 9 644
Varus Ult Falcons52 by InsomniaSloth 1 150
wrong amount of IP[win8] dinopwn by dinopwn 0 97
Everytime I play against a cho' gath i lag Dragoo117 by neophreaky 1 229
Attempting to reconnect [Bug?] Zemmiphobic by Zemmiphobic 0 195
Tribunal down? Zīm by NaginataX 2 151
Mac: Loading Issue and Windows Edge of Screen Bug Hildman by Hildman 0 220
Retrieving data from server at champ select A Crusty Clam by A Crusty Clam 0 380
League launcher cost me LP and abandonment debuff. Loading server Robidius by Robidius 0 91
Riot Point Cards Phrozenrose by MrPopcan21 5 266
[Item][Minor] Banshee's Veil Being Popped by Statikk Shiv Watafool by Watafool 3 194
Leaving Queue the moment a match is found Baalhrezem by WaterPhoenix 1 87
When you cast Nami Ult and die during animation, it goes on CD but no ult to be seen. Lujan by WaterPhoenix 5 274
Anivia's disappearing Flash Frost GameLink7 by WaterPhoenix 1 122
IP disappeared TalkySteak by Arkandia 2 975
Blue Screen (Memory Dump)   ( 1 2 3) KeyBlader0O0 by KeyBlader0O0 26 1,179
Master Yi bug!! GOLDEN COCAINE by WaterPhoenix 1 108