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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Sticky Thread How to Report a bug  ( 1 2 3 ... 70 ) Dannamoth Levora 694
Riot Post
Gnar q boomarang Vaussk Vaussk 0 73
Removed from game for failing to pick champion. TheGekkoState Vaussk 4 243
Rapid screen blinking Xirxies Xirxies 0 72
Strange black thing follow me , Graphics problem Mathf18 Mathf18 0 102
Stuck In The Lobby Bug MetaPunk DeathGh0st 3 556
Can't Get Into Champion Select Noble Ogre DeathGh0st 6 607
Forum Bug - It Broke (My Bad) GS Vodka GS Vodka 2 165
Blind Pick Champion Select bugging me out GlockedAndLoaded DeathGh0st 2 213
Bug - transition from accepting the match to joining champion select hi im bigboii DeathGh0st 2 165
I'm unable to join the game lobby godoforanges DeathGh0st 1 256
Champion select won't pop 50% of the time thresholden DeathGh0st 1 217
Champ Select not Visible after accepting match rokudaim3 DeathGh0st 1 176
Failure of activation of the Champion Selection Interface Ellwynn DeathGh0st 1 149
Magic Penetration Not Registering TofuCondoms TofuCondoms 0 64
Champ Select Bug Noble Two Noble Two 2 161
Zilean using Time Warp to get out of Jarvan's Cataclysm Its The Kuchiri Its The Kuchiri 0 57
Hexdrinker not working Blastoidzz Blastoidzz 0 47
Udyr drophack accounts worldseye worldseye 0 80
Bug-warwicks q (hungering strike) not striking  ( 1 2 ) troytech troytech 12 641
Shaco Ult at right time negates Karthus Ult and Zilean Bombs plazmadj plazmadj 2 127
Misc Bug Report kearndog kearndog 1 52
Bug: Game crashes when attempting to view score during the Victory/Defeat sequence. Arttanas Arttanas 0 78
Zyra's E is creating Vine Lashers when Grasping Roots is nowhere near them. PiercingGoblin PiercingGoblin 0 151
Enemies able to attack during Amumu ult Secimius Snipawolfe 1 156
Zed no W+Q combo Hakuna Matatah Hakuna Matatah 0 80
Panth W doesn't show it's on CD after ult combo DauminusNoctis DauminusNoctis 1 90
Getting a Bug-splat everytime I Alt+Tab out of a game. Garebear MAULS Garebear MAULS 0 88
Runes don't work! CripplingOrgasm1 CripplingOrgasm1 0 67
Rune page Bug CripplingOrgasm1 CripplingOrgasm1 0 72
Arcade Miss Fortune BlueEyesWhiteBoy BlueEyesWhiteBoy 4 311
Been gettin 2 bugs for months and i am finally sick of dealing with it Waterloo Waterloo 0 76
warwick ult not working warbearwolf warbearwolf 0 83
Lucian's light-slinger not doing full damage on monsters namora namora 0 81
Karthus unable to use skills while dead temporarily (serious bug) Aiwendil Aiwendil 3 264
Fiora Q not casting twice? Based Eevee XeroKimo 2 234
Pantheons Q and W abilities occaisonally not working Best Champion NA Kr1msonblade 1 136
Unexpected Lag Continues Daizengar0 Daizengar0 2 163
ARAM bug A Troll Korean Porodox 1 183
Jarvan Health box Galapegus Porodox 1 164
Bug: Kha'Zix Tenacity bug with Mercury Treads akillerfrog akillerfrog 0 135
Darius Armor % Penetration Bug Tokeotastic Tokeotastic 0 147
Patch 4.14 Fragmentation EternalDevote EternalDevote 0 196
Vi ult and Braum ult SkyBearDrop SkyBearDrop 0 137
doesnt show me online to friends DadsTouch DadsTouch 2 171
Vi's Q ability Rich Powning Rich Powning 0 147
Q Button Breaks During Game Play  ( 1 2 ) CremeRolls CremeRolls 14 847
Failure of activation of the Champion Selection Interface Ellwynn Ellwynn 0 100
Vlad Passive, Something not right. AngrySomBeech AngrySomBeech 0 137
Bug: sightstone and Tiamat don't activate WoWiWei WoWiWei 0 106
End Game Screen Bug Dingyps Dingyps 0 120