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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 49) Dannamoth by prock1e 481 Riot Post 138,759
Hello I'm Korean User BraveRose by BraveRose 0 95
Trouble accessing Khasham LoD by Khasham LoD 0 51
Full Metal Jayce audio bug. Taoto by Zain 1 186
Invulnerability spells in AI games don't work against CC Fireadept by Fireadept 2 170
Trade champions system bugged BreathToDominate by BreathToDominate 5 601
Promotion Series Bugged? panaku7 by MaddFratter 2 100
Zac Ult Bug - Reset Taliesin by Taliesin 0 94
Everytime i click the play button i get this error. NikeBr0 by NikeBr0 0 80
Elise Human W VietnamGuerrilla by VietnamGuerrilla 0 59
Zac's E causes my game to crash Pitiful P1ayer2 by Pitiful P1ayer2 1 154
Issue When Opening Shop or Chat Box MageFeathers by Phuuuuuuuuuuuuuc 3 231 keeps refreshing by itself AsianSeaFood by AsianSeaFood 0 98
Summoner spell buff appearence. GoodTunes by GoodTunes 0 74
flash showing up under people with blue buff DrBamBam by DrBamBam 0 79
Yorick bug giving Quadrakill Slyg1 by Stinnkky 1 124
Pulling dragon to the back of the pit CplTrueblade by CplTrueblade 1 182
Thresh Q Bug CptSpectacular by CplTrueblade 1 135
Headhunter Nidalee in store Abolition by Abolition 0 92
OK Riot this is getting irritating... Captain America by Captain America 2 182
cant gift friend TehRaiden by Soulable 1 113
Logged in and WkhLem0nParty by Soulable 1 71
Snare/pull range. Fokaron by Luscious Lenny 1 74
Elise W in human-form bug. FishesDelicious by SymbioteParasite 5 172
The game needs a hotfix DarkTartar by Watermaester 1 84
Mastero error omglolitschris by Waki0 1 147
Zac leap reticle doesn't display after flash hilightnotes by hilightnotes 0 83
(Minor) Rumbles Flame spitter THSi by THSi 0 88
[Minor~] Dodge in Custom Dominion Doesn't stop Music KHDragonn by KHDragonn 0 91
Tear not displaying it's stack Dues Pater by Dues Pater 0 65
[Minor] Dynasty Ahri Dance has no sound KHDragonn by KHDragonn 2 Riot Post 349
Shen taunt bug TurtleMagic by TurtleMagic 0 70
AD Thresh Underfyre by Underfyre 0 70
Champion sound bug/error homeskilit by homeskilit 2 Riot Post 414
One of Riven's Attack animations is missing Aspect of Valor by Aspect of Valor 0 78
Ranked Issue Odins0n by Odins0n 0 71
Garen not attacking nexus with Q active TheBakerman by TheBakerman 0 70
Multi Monitor game loads out of position Staplegunned by Mack7n 5 302
wrong champions with "not sign" after bans RubenatorX by VictorousSecret 1 112
Cant get LoLpatcher to open Unknown Mystery by Mayoke 1 102
[Minor] Champ Select champion portraits positioned oddly RubenatorX by RubenatorX 0 70
why cant i alt-tab out? everpine by Eunson 1 114
Can't see Nidalee spears when thrown from bush/fog of war Null Signature by Eunson 2 283
Rengar Q bug fatboy391 by fatboy391 0 52
Zac's leap sets off teemo shrooms AirborneANTz by AirborneANTz 0 65
At Ranked Champ Select, client went black Necromer by xXUnHolyClawzXx 1 110
Firework Sound Effect on loop with sound disabled Obsidian Turtle by LeNoirChat 3 242
RANKED problem RIOT plz see xXUnHolyClawzXx by xXUnHolyClawzXx 0 59
Missing 10% starting cdr (cooldown reduction) which reapears for couple of seconds? Eluveitie92 by Eluveitie92 1 128
[Medium] Thresh E glitch SouulEater by SouulEater 0 59
Lux and Gragas ultimate combo (minor) chase2426 by chase2426 0 124