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Thread Thread Starter Last Post Replies Views
Sticky Thread How to Report a bug  ( 1 2 3 ... 70 ) Dannamoth Levora 694
Riot Post
Bug: Skip waiting for stats Numn Nutts Numn Nutts 0 79
Nidalee trap bug Selvey808 Sagee Prime 1 149
Dvorak Issue Zov Zov 0 100
All players lag Maganey Trust Me Bro 4 133
Vision granting abilities grant truesight. Llethander RottedApples 3 699
100 points in ranked, series did not start. Bigblackmanx Ignaciouss 1 326
Vayne Tumble bug? DoctorVictorDoom RottedApples 4 195
PVP.net patcher problem sexyhairasianboi Ausjor97 1 88
Elise Bug(s) [Volatile Spider] DarkNeo Kalookakoo 6 465
Master Yi Bundle Pack not responding Thornnn Thornnn 0 200
Heimer Turret Bug SuckAppleJuice SuckAppleJuice 0 83
Severe Server Lag Statesman Statesman 0 118
(Minor) Master Yi's voice disconnects from himself while taunting Krufix Krufix 0 102
League of Draven Adoration Icons in Spectator Orbital Nuke Orbital Nuke 0 123
Master Yi Double Strike Glitch YoloSwagRage YoloSwagRage 0 126
Game lagg issues. Michaeljkl Luxy Vi Sion 7 241
Your lag spikes op stardweller stardweller 0 73
Pulsefire ezreal bugs Esaú Esaú 0 72
Game loads then closes Cerebus5 DanishMcSwagger 1 138
After champion select the game closes NamariQ NamariQ 0 102
[Minor] Master Yi stops attacking after killing large Golem aceofsween aceofsween 0 111
Fps lower on live than pbe? PizzaRice PizzaRice 0 121
can we delete the old patch folders to free space ? Destrock Eul Qc Destrock Eul Qc 0 477
Zac bug kihashin kihashin 0 119
(Bug) system priority, Need a important update. Subway eat flesh Subway eat flesh 0 186
League of legends bug for Na cant log in SageMan13 SageMan13 7 300
My play button won't light up to click it Beaver Beater1 iFight 5 4883
Certificate sharkatk sharkatk 1 131
Gangplank using iceborn Cazummon Subway eat flesh 2 207
Terrible Lag Issue in Ranked, 2:30 AM Central Time Skyhawk Star NiveusPanda 1 126
Undefined status  ( 1 2 ) papijoe Pinker 10 11 506
Glitched Sprites Phlubb Gumperino 1 398
Elise cocoon. KingFroggy MsAnimeKpopLover 5 474
Horrendous lag, ability lockouts, fantastic fringe case. Nevrus vinice4 1 170
disconnected from two ranked games today John Cussack John Cussack 3 138
Pink ward not granting vision tatwh1teguy Harvey Keitel 1 136
Hopefully a Rioter can answer: What was the cause of the Fizz E bug? VaIse VaIse 0 102
Rumble passive bug in bushes Ticker360 Heshlon 1 105
Spirit Udyr Bug Report Aitikian wu98589458 1 154
Thresh's Champ Select Tooltip Error Wizard Of Ham Wizard Of Ham 0 88
GP/Nasus bug Noahsucks DurinM 2 166
LOLClient.exe not working XxDrkShrimpxX XxDrkShrimpxX 0 174
Windows 8.1 Alt-Tab a tasty carrot skarymof0 3 712
Fiora Ultimate/ Morgana Ultimate/Kha Zix Chewy0914 Chewy0914 0 297
Fiora Ult Needs Patch CantEvenDraven CantEvenDraven 0 131
(3.9) LolClient.exe crashing before entering Champion Select Im RYZZY Babyjesus00 4 782
Cant get past the Champion Load Screen Babyjesus00 Babyjesus00 0 260
End of game results show end of game of last spectated game Lord Olo Lord Olo 1 324
Is riot going to fix the 3.9 fps drop problem in 3.10???? qasdwasdeasd Skytoucher93 1 262
Emblem Hover Tooltip Sir Desch Sir Desch 0 123