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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug  ( 1 2 3 ... 70 ) Dannamoth Levora 694
Riot Post
[4.11 NEW BUG] Evelynn's Hate Spike (Q) NegativeFusion Xurreal 7 584
Still in progress bug Jason Redrock Jason Redrock 0 92
(BUG) Wukong Character Model Freezing Gorerend Gorerend 0 88
Vi's q (bug report) Kreha Dante quietChaos 1 173
Weird Website Login Bug ClockHead ClockHead 0 111
Ranked match not recorded Uguu Senpai MadCowRedemption 9 634
Game Abandoned bug fix? Megilwyn ILoveNoodles 4 578
Account Stuck [Game Crashed Please Reconnect] derrick15 flymobber 3 139
Please help!!! RagingDevilxd Ðraconas 4 119
Reconnect Problem Stalugeka Stalugeka 0 114
Game Not Starting Psionic Phazon GreeckosTheGrand 1 140
Game Client/In-Game issues DK Zaderzun DK Zaderzun 0 104
Earlier today lobby/site crash JesusAteMyDonut xfengx 2 406
Earlier today game disappeared QWER then u die xfengx 1 103
Could I please get help with this glitch JK Derpmaster RagingDevilxd 3 128
Vi bug Howling Abyss teodip teodip 0 93
Won't let me log on. zGGDarkStar SuaveHouse 1 198
I am stuck in a game  ( 1 2 ) SNRV NICK poonjaba 16 490
Glitched Spears REDSmaxOVERDRV REDSmaxOVERDRV 0 93
Game Excluded from Match history! Gameßreaker Gameßreaker 0 104
Dragon icon is a flash icon Salidror Salidror 0 92
[BUG] Pantheon W does not always appear on CD Lightningfst Ron Burrrrgandy 1 166
Hey riot, make up your damn mind  ( 1 2 ) The Öutcast Gorerend 10 334
Abandoned Game Bug Cant Leave Game DragScthye DragScthye 1 154
Twitch can't ult Nexus in ARAM DoctorWhoTardis DoctorWhoTardis 0 93
2 Pantheon bugs. Russianelit3z Knotty 3 163
Bug Splat Recurring A Hobbo A Hobbo 0 106
Reported Glitch? DarthCreed DarthCreed 2 187
Locked out of picking champ during ranked Leon V71 Knotty 1 99
Gnar 16bitWarrior Gorerend 3 104
Yasuo "Dance" Bug not facing the right direction RomeoTheEpic RomeoTheEpic 1 121
Not losing vision when you should? Gaijin Gaijin 0 89
Can't Disband inactive ranked team Epic SS Epic SS 2 270
There is a glitch dragonx23 dragonx23 0 97
Chrome Rammus still uses old splash art in Loading Screen Mal the Red Mal the Red 0 119
Sivir spell shield bug kiwimansam Rodarth 2 182
Can't Connect to Games Spectrasy Spectrasy 0 132
Can't use a mystery skin gift Loony Day Conrad Hunt 1 256
Ty for the 3 hour log on time riot.... Alphazombie7714 amwagner 4 464
Caitlyn's Traps amwagner amwagner 0 97
The dragon doesn't spawn MakersF FatShtRob 2 207
Ashe + Braum bug Keaen Keaen 0 153
Summoner Spells Icons Blurry? The Real XcomVic The Real XcomVic 0 105
Summoner Spells Icons Blurry? The Real XcomVic The Real XcomVic 0 85
Wukong's Q Cancels AA. Zambiii Zambiii 5 304
Warwick Q Will Not Work After He Has Proctored Ult Sirjews3and4 Izisery 1 112
Server Issues Amer Hero08 Amer Hero08 1 97
Getting Kicked from a Ranked Game Then the Game Ends with No Record??? WTF? OnionThief Cosmosaurus 1 182
pulse fire ezreal AA is slower and cancels a lot Turtle Addict Turtle Addict 0 87
Velkoz lack of boots in recommended item page Selena Chau Selena Chau 0 166