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Sticky Thread How to Report a bug   ( 1 2 3 ... 49) Dannamoth by Eskka 483 Riot Post 139,312
[Minor] Items showing up in empty item slots Lorem Holthier by Lorem Holthier 0 65
Abilities not going off when ordered to Drakthion by Drakthion 0 51
Tear of the Goddess bug? SatanWorshiper by AntiDarkness 2 210
Twitch Q attack speed bug (VIDEO) Thinkr by Powerofmagnetism 8 392
major master yi bug Powerofmagnetism by Powerofmagnetism 0 53
Looking at my own profile crashes PVP.NET every time. icelordulmo by Nordic Weasel 5 311
3rd promotion series game not registering Pøtatoes by Pøtatoes 0 51
Masteries Bug Lucky Phucker by Lucky Phucker 0 49
Season 2 platinum player only have gold border HeroinJunkie by HeroinJunkie 1 124
Log on bug Sirocco the Dawn by Sirocco the Dawn 0 55
client crashes after each ranked game Fynix by Fynix 0 63
help ice1slo by ice1slo 0 39
Wrong runes most of the games kyoryukaku by kyoryukaku 0 72
fps lag spikes ghilliepwnu by ghilliepwnu 2 225
League of Legends (TM) Client has stopped working. Zavkiel by YellowWeiner 1 2,100
League of Legends (TM) Client has stopped working. Andentuto by YellowWeiner 2 525
Tm client has crashed NightRhythm by YellowWeiner 1 247
League of Legends (TM) Client has encountered a problem and needs to close. WoLF42 by YellowWeiner 2 3,224
How am I supposed to select a champion, Riot? UnstableVision by UnstableVision 6 304
Windows Error - League of Legends (TM) Client has stopped working Quadra23 by YellowWeiner 2 813
Banning Bug DragonTwister by DragonTwister 0 52
Dominion Custom match music Daynjr by Daynjr 0 34
When you enter champion select you sometimes crash KitKatxz by KitKatxz 0 64
"They don't own that champion" Marthian by Trainermax 2 144
Jarvan IV abilities won't scale moblin34 by moblin34 2 92
Lulu silence bug ReL3vEx by ReL3vEx 0 68
Thresh Movement Bug GoatsRemo by GoatsRemo 0 51
Super Long Suspention Zoro Zetsumei by Zoro Zetsumei 0 49
Bugsplats and Rune Glitches Tewky by Tewky 0 85
Zed Ult Ziyen by Ziyen 2 175
Borderless Window mode problem Koillu by shiftkun 7 2,619
Client crashes when I smartcast and during other events ThiscantbetakenX by ThiscantbetakenX 0 61
Op silence A Measly Bot by A Measly Bot 0 100
Rengar ----> mega bug<------- IcePrincessX3 by blackdragon89 1 245
Small bug with the spirit of the elder lizard Pink Punk Zebra by Pink Punk Zebra 2 148
Mac Client Crashing Voorheis by Voorheis 1 314
HUD Related BSOD feddeleryan by iamKira 4 515
[UI] Game Closes with no error report after finishing a ranked game Voz808 by Voz808 0 182
Nami's Ultimate fires straight backwards Tolinar by Tolinar 0 87
Where Art Tho Faery Charm?? UndeadChocobo by UndeadChocobo 0 92
Radeon GPU Clipping iiTz STeVO by iiTz STeVO 0 120
Division Promotion animation plays when logging on, without being promoted Warfie by Warfie 1 146
Ranking problem... MiLord666 by MiLord666 0 59
Different Odd Graphic issues Pokeprof by Pokeprof 0 111
Solari IlIlIlIIIIIIllll by IlIlIlIIIIIIllll 0 61
Trade request bug. LOLALLEN by LOLALLEN 0 89
It's this bug of LP??? yqangelX by yqangelX 5 121
Server still has lag tokimisu by tokimisu 0 64
Game Re connection Bug SickWithDaFlu99 by SickWithDaFlu99 0 60
Ranked game - No Lp Added Trainermax by Trainermax 2 98